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Zimbabwe Hunting Report Part 2

October 11, 2013 by  
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Tim-CrocAfter the elephant hunt, I had planned to hunt Cape buffalo. Our area has some really big bulls, and I still had a full week to find one. The next day about noon, I was driving with Nixon in the Land Cruiser, and he asked me, “Since you killed a big elephant, and have finished the Big 4 of African dangerous game, what do you really want to hunt over here now?” I thought about it and told Nixon I would really like to kill a big crocodile, but I would only shoot one if it were a really big one. Just shooting an average, skinny croc doesn’t appeal to me. I knew SSG’s area usually doesn’t have huge crocs and most guys kill an 11-12 footer. Nixon told me he had seen a really big croc, and suggested we go try to find him and take a look. It took us two days, but we found the big croc, and he was a no brainer. He was huge and dwarfed all the other crocs in the area.

The next day, we found him half out of the water, but he was facing away and his body was so big and in the position he was in, his head was blocked by his shoulder area. We laid in a terrible blowing sand storm for over an hour, and eventually we gave up and slipped away.

The following day was cool and rainy, so it was a no go. We knew the crocs would stay in the water. The following morning, we went back, and found the big guy up on the bank. I asked my hunting partner Rod to back me up and shoot as soon as I shot. I didn’t want the croc getting back in the water.


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