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Zimbabwe Hunting Report Part 1

October 3, 2013 by  
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Off we go, and we just short of ran the last 500 yards. When we peeked over the bank, the elephant was below us facing away. I quickly descended the bank, and got behind the bull and got my sticks up. I needed him to turn, so I whistled loudly and he swung his great head to the right. I still didn’t have a shot, but when he took a step to the side, I had an angle I could deal with.

I put the crosshairs of my Nikon Monarch scope on his ear hole and squeezed. When the TC Icon .416 roared, the 400-grain Nosler solid found its mark with a perfect side brain shot. The bull’s back end collapsed, and he slowly fell to the ground burying his broken tusk all the way up in the sand.

I put an insurance shot in his shoulder, and we approached the largest land animal on earth. The bull was enormous, his estimated age in his late 50’s, and his long tusk ended up at 72” and 60 pounds. The broken side was 48” and 40 pounds. If you shoot an elephant and don’t feel humble, you have a problem. I feel so fortunate to have been able to hunt and take such a magnificent beast. The best was yet to come


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The next day was taken for butchering the elephant and distributing to the local community. Our crew estimated that we would feed at least 300 people for over 3 months. People walked hours to get their share, and 2 days later as we drove through the community, it was great to see elephant meat hanging to dry at every hut.

We ate elephant temple curry the next evening, and though I expected the worst, it was actually very good. That big elephant was definitely a dream come true, and I couldn’t believe how much bigger the bull was than the cow elephant I took back in 2010. A big bull can weigh up to 10 tons, and they are truly one of the world’s wonders. (to be continued)

Hunt Hard,

Tim Herald

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2 Responses to “Zimbabwe Hunting Report Part 1”

  1. Anita Byrne says:

    How in the world can anyone or you shoot such a magnificent being such as an elephant. I just spent time with elephants in South Africa. They are truly so special I just don’t understand it.

    There are too many humans on this earth who are destroying this earth and are old so why don’t you think about culling or killing them if that is your reason for killing elephants.

    Please, think about what you are doing to elephants, their herds, their mourning and their family units.


  2. Anita Byrne says:

    Why don’t you put some of that money toward helping these locals grow their food or raise it themselves instead of killing an elephant. How can this last 3 months when they probably don’t have refrigeration? If you are so concerned about conservation, why don’t you give some of your guns and some of your money to organization that help stop poaching. I don’t care how old these elephants may be, they still might be able to put their genetics into another baby.

    There is something very inhumane about hunting an elephant as a trophy especially for their tusks. Why do you think you are no better than a poacher.

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