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Zimbabwe Hunting Report Part 1

October 3, 2013 by  
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Tims-bull-elephantI traveled back again to Zimbabwe to hunt elephant with SSG Safaris. I did this hunt unsuccessfully in February of 2012 due to very late rains and crazy hot temps. I knew it would be dry this late in the year, but I didn’t realize it would be over 100 degrees most days.

This is a border type hunt near Ghanarezhou National Park that is overpopulated with elephants. Bulls come out of the park, and you need to get on them before they go back. It is a lot like many of the elk hunts near Yellowstone. We didn’t have much luck the first 3 days, but early morning on day 4, we found a herd of elephants going back into the park from our side, and it looked like there were a couple of good bulls. We needed to have been 20 minutes earlier, but it gave us hopes for the afternoon. We left camp about 3:00 to get back to the river and try to intercept the herd from the morning. About 4:00 we were driving and at a long distance, saw a bull ele all alone drinking at the edge of the river in our hunting area. We glassed him and my PH Nixon Dzingai told me he though he would go 50 pounds on the tusk we could see. I then saw that he had a broken tusk on the other side. Nixon asked what I thought, and I told him I thought if we could get in position and get a shot, we should do it.


2 Responses to “Zimbabwe Hunting Report Part 1”

  1. Anita Byrne says:

    How in the world can anyone or you shoot such a magnificent being such as an elephant. I just spent time with elephants in South Africa. They are truly so special I just don’t understand it.

    There are too many humans on this earth who are destroying this earth and are old so why don’t you think about culling or killing them if that is your reason for killing elephants.

    Please, think about what you are doing to elephants, their herds, their mourning and their family units.


  2. Anita Byrne says:

    Why don’t you put some of that money toward helping these locals grow their food or raise it themselves instead of killing an elephant. How can this last 3 months when they probably don’t have refrigeration? If you are so concerned about conservation, why don’t you give some of your guns and some of your money to organization that help stop poaching. I don’t care how old these elephants may be, they still might be able to put their genetics into another baby.

    There is something very inhumane about hunting an elephant as a trophy especially for their tusks. Why do you think you are no better than a poacher.

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