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WY Whitetail Success for The Zone…

October 28, 2010 by  
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I had planned on doing daily updates from WY, but we didn’t have any internet access. Both James Brion and I were hunting close to Sheridan in northern WY. James was at Crandall Creek and I was with Big Buck Outfitters.

James scored early, and after finding a huge old buck on his first morning he hunted him for a could days, and finally it all came together and he scored on a great 160″ 5×5 with his TC Pro Hunter.

It took me a while longer. We had 75 degree temps the first 2 days and 65 degrees on days 3 and 4. We looked over literally 100’s of deer, but the really big bucks were laid up. the rut hadn’t started and the hot temps had them moving at night.

Day 5 we had a terrible front come in and temps were in the mid 30’s, winds up to 40mph and periods of sleet and snow. We spot and stalked all day, and 2 hours before dark on my last day, we found a nice old 4×4. We made a stalk, and then we just ran out of cover. The buck was on an open hillside, and we were straight across the canyon. It was an even 300 yards and an hour before dark. I had to shoot or go home with tag soup.

I leveled my TC Venture in .300 Win, lined up the first circle down on my 16x Nikon BDC scope and sent a Winchester 180 grain Accubond straight through the boiler room. the big 5.5 year old buck never moved. He was DOA, and we pulled it off! What a relief…He wasn’t the biggest buck in the area, but he was a beautiful olf mature deer and I was awfully glad to have him.

Home for 3 days and then off to Arizona for a desert mule deer tag. That should be an interesting hunt, and I will post in with a full report. The rut should be heating up soon, so everyone…Hunt Hard…TH

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