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Why Not a Muzzleloader for Christmas?

December 11, 2009 by  
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Having just finished a late season muzzleloader hunt, I was thinking what a great Christmas gift a TC Endeavor muzzleloader can be. Now let me say that I am a TC Prostaffer, so they send me their newest muzzleloader every year, so I get to try a lot of them. Over the years, I have shot about everything, but this Endeavor just takes the cake.

The accuracy is super out to 200. I have a Nikon scope on mine, and I set it 2.5” high at 100. It will shoot a .8” group at 100. With that setting, it is dead on at 150. With the scope I am using, the 2nd BDC circle is about 1” high at 200 yards, so I feel really good to that range.

Many of the best whitetail states are shotgun or muzzleloader only, and when you can shoot out to 200 yards with confidence, a muzzleloader is the clear choice.

Besides being a tack driver, there are a few other things that make the Endeavor stand out. First, the SpeedBreach XT allows you to remove the breach plug with no tools. This is very handy and makes cleaning a breeze.

I really like the Power Rod that is the folding T handled ram rod. The hammer on this gun will adjust to left or right handed shooters by just adjusting one screw and swinging the hammer over. It also is easy to reach under a scope. The stock has Flex-Tech and a Limbsaver recoil pad, and I think that takes about half the felt recoil out of the gun. It is a joy to shoot.Moose I

I have killed elk, moose, and a bunch of big whitetail with my Endeavor, and I have all the confidence in the world in the gun. If you don’t own one, you should, and if you already have a TC Encore, you can buy an Endeavor barrel that will fit like all the others. Like I said, I have shot them all, and the Endeavor is the one I hunt with by choice, hands down.

Hunt hard…Tim H.


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  1. tracy atchison says:

    I shot the new state record nontypical muzzleloader in ks this year with a tc triumph muzzleloader. Send me a new endeavor and i’ll try it out for you.

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