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Whitetail Properties Team Knocks ’em Down

November 23, 2011 by  
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Mark Williams shot this 145″ buck with his Ruger Model 77 Hawkeye in South Hopkins County, Kentucky. His story follows:

Just started seeing this buck this year and have multiple Reconyx pictures of him.  He is a good mature buck with a lot of unique features including a double throat patch, split brow, and crab claw on his right side.  We were hunting about a 10 acre cut-over soybean field that was bordered by cutover timber on one side and mature hardwoods on the other.  I had been running a Reconyx in that area for several weeks and had two good mature bucks on camera.  I had decided that if either of them showed up I would take him.  The weather during the hunt was terrible, it had rained continuously from Monday night until Wednesday around Noon.  I felt like after the rain left out on Wednesday and the clouds broke that the deer would start moving.  It was the peak of the rut, so with good weather, I was positive they would start moving.  As the clouds started to break around 3:00 Wednesday afternoon, like clock work, the deer started to move and before you knew it we had a field full of does and young bucks.  The young bucks were bumping does all around the field and just with about 5 minutes until we were out of camera light one of my shooters came out of nowhere and he was in full rut mode.  At about 5:00 pm he positioned himself about 80 yards from my stand and as soon as he turned broadside I took the shot!


Gabe Adair shot this super heavy main frame 10 point that green scored about 161″ on Nov. 3rd in Decatur county, Iowa. According to Gabe this buck was 7 or 8 years old and likely the oldest buck on his farm. He seemed to be going downhill and lost some tine length from the year before. I had tons of trail cam pics of him since 2009, found match set of sheds spring of 2011. The first time I ever saw him was the day we harvested him.

I was hunting the edge of a Whitetail Institute Clover Plot. This was the first time we hunted this spot for this season and it was hunted because of I had tons of pics of 5 different shooters throughout the summer on this plot. The buck stood up from his bed only 75 yards from us out of a willow thicket. He browsed in the  clover for a couple of  minutes and then headed down the edge (70 yards from us) towards a thick bedding ditch. As he got past me a few yards and behind a large limb I grunted 1 grunt to get his attention. He looked but continued east away from us, so I let him get a little bit further and hit him with a really hard and aggressive grunt. He turned and walked straight towards the fenceline we were on and stopped to scrape the ground in the clover plot. I ranged him (perfectly broadside) at 45 yards, went to full draw and put a perfect shot on him. (both lungs and clipped the heart) The meat seeker 2 blade passed completely through him. With blood pouring out both sides he went 150 yds on a “death run” and barely made it into the cover off the field edge. We gave him 45 minutes and recovered him in the perfect evening light. “Its not the highest scoring buck on the farm but one of the oldest to my knowledge, great hunt with a great ending”


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