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Whitetail Properties Team, First Bucks of 2011

October 10, 2011 by  
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The Team at Whitetail Properties has been busy. Look at these big Kansas bucks taken during the early muzzleloader season! We have a detailed hunting report on each giant buck. Check ’em out!

Pete Alfano harvested this 215″ monster whitetail in Comanche County Kansas with his T/C Pro Hunter.

Pete says “I’ve known about this buck for 3 years. When I acquired the property he was already a 4 year old maybe in 5 so that made him 7 or 8 years old this season. Very nocturnal buck and only spotted very few times his whole life.  I literally have close to 1,000 Reconyx trail cam pictures of this buck. His rack was distinctive, it is huge everywhere, split brows, 24” spread, long tines, mass, just everything your looking for in a buck of a lifetime

I was set up on a ridge top overlooking the river bottom. There’s no way to hunt this deer in the river bottom because the wind swirls around to much. Total ambush spot that I picked out last year shed hunting for his horns. He came into the river bottom exactly like I had planned. This plan literally worked to every last detail even the way he was standing broadside. The 250 grain Shockwave bullet dropped him in his tracks. This was the hunt of a my lifetime”


Todd Bigbee shot this awesome buck in Ford County, Kansas with his T/C 50. cal muzzleloader.

Todd comments “Cameraman Brian Rennecker and I were hunting my farm in Ford County, Kansas on the 3rd day of Kansas Black Powder Season. We were hunting a 5 ½ year old 180 class 6×5 typical that I have lots of history with. The buck was using a milo field in the center of the farm. Prior scouting showed him bedding in some CRP grass beside the field. We set up in a Banks Tower Blind and as deer entered the field we saw two great bucks enter at the other end a 1000 yards away. After awhile, we decided to slip closer to these bucks using a old dike off the river as cover to get a closer look. As we peaked over the dike, the first buck was 150 yards away. He was a giant 8 point with kickers that scored around 160. The other buck was a 10 point about 250 yards away and out of range. He looked to be about 160 as well. Both bucks were tempting, but we were after the 6×5.

The next morning we had to change plans. The wind was out of the Southwest and brisk. So, we decided to slip in on the other side of the field and try catch the 6×5 leaving the milo. There was a phone pole and some grass we could hide in. At daylight, deer were all across the field. As I looked for the 6×5 about 7:00 a.m., the 160 class 10 point from the day before walked out in the field about 125 yards out. I told Brian to get some footage of the 10 point as I continued to look for the 6×5. He filmed it for about 10 minutes, as I had no luck locating the 6×5. I started to look at the 10 point he was filming. After studying the deer, I knew I misjudged this buck. He would score 170 and then some. I told Brian 6×5 or not, we were shooting. The buck had gotten out to about 150 yards by then. But, I got a quartering away hit and he barely made it out of the field. We started trailing after about 30 minutes and he fell just over the dike on the river side.

When I got to his side, I knew I had almost let a net Boone and Crockett deer go. He scored 176 1/8 and should net over 170 easily after drying. I have never seen this buck before. So goes it for living in good deer country with age structure. It’s like fishing in the Gulf Stream. You never know what may come by.”


Tom McFarlane harvested this monster buck in Barber County, Kansas. Officially scored by Pat Cahill (MN) at 197 6/8” gross and 192 3/8” net non-typical. The deer has 25 scorable points, 156 1/8” 8 point frame, and 41 6/8” of abnormal inches. Tom was shooting his TC Pro Hunter, 50 caliber, 150 grains of powder, 250 grain TC Shockwave.

Tom says “I have tons of trail cam photos from last year and also this year. One shed antler from ’09, one shed antler from ’10. Literally hundreds of Reconyx photos which helped me pinpoint the deer. Been hunting him for two years and had him at 15 yards in legal shooting time last year on opening night of season but had just ran out of camera light. Shawn Riley asked me to hold off and I did, never got another chance in legal time last year. This year living in a cotton field had two encounters with him where couldn’t get a shot and finally killed him on the third encounter on the 5th night of the season.

Almost to many things to talk about with the extra points or character of the rack. All kinds of extra trash on the base’s, grew significantly from last year. There 25 scorable points and exceptional mass. This deer turned nocturnal last year after one encounter, this year we were able to keep him  from knowing we were there and he stayed with his pattern. Lived in a short cotton field all summer long.

The weather on the day we killed was cool with a NE wind which did not work at all for our blind. We decided to just kind of scout/hunt along the edge of his bedding area to just try and get a glimpse and maybe get lucky. As we started in I decided to push the envelope and Nick, Sarah, and I all ended up crawling in through the cotton on our hands and knees right into his bedroom. The setup was in a wide open cotton field because that is where he was living, scouted him there numerous times.

He stood up with plenty of light and exactly where we expected him to be. The reason why we had not capitalized on our previous encounters is because the cotton in this bottom drainage was too tall to get at his vitals. Luckily on this night he stood up with plenty of light at around 6:45 and circled out onto a little high spot where the cotton was a little shorter and I was able to get a 145 yard shot at his vitals. Quartering heavily away, the entered just in front of the hip and hit the opposite shoulder, no blood trail as he dropped in his tracks.

This is by far the most gnarly, heaviest, and coolest buck I have ever shot. The hunt was great as we had to work for him, change up our plan and our style of hunting to hunt this deer on his terms. It all came together including excellent footage and storyline to go along with a very satisfying success.”


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    I think Pete is the same guy who bagged the big trophy whitetail in central Wisconsin this year as well. Bow kill I believe.

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