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Whitetail Properties, Alfano Puts ’em Down

October 27, 2010 by  
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Whitetail Properties, Pete Alfano took this big 160 class 8 point buck he had named “Big brows” off the top of the hit list during the early muzzleloader season with his TC Pro Hunter in Commanche County, Kansas. Pete was very familiar with this buck. He found the sheds from this buck when he was three and four years old and has literally thousands of Reconyx trail camera pictures of this giant, five-year-old buck just like the one posted. He then traveled over to Kentucky and shot his second buck of the 2010 season with his bow on a farm lease provided by Base Camp. Congrats Pete on going 2 for 2 on a couple of super whitetails! Be sure to check out Whitetail Properties TV show to watch all their hunts across the Midwest. Their show airs on both Sportman Channel and Pursuit Channel.


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