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Whitetail Adrenaline – Pure Hunting DVD Entertainment

April 9, 2010 by  
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Whitetail Adrenaline hunting DVD series. 

Product Description: 

Deer hunting DVD series based on real life situations while primarily hunting on public land.  

Thoughts and Comments: 

After watching the first two DVD’s in this series I think I may have just watched the most entertaining deer hunting videos that I have looked at in a very long time. Jim and Jarred Scheffler take you on a very exciting ride with their first two offerings “The Preliminary Run” and “Scratching The Surface”.  If you are tired of watching videos that show 25 plus short hunts of someone sitting in an outfitters stand, or a boring instructional video, then this might be your answer to some excellent hunting entertainment. Jim and Jarred take you through each season by putting together a story about their triumphs and disappointments in a way that will have you wanting more. The best part is that all this done without hunting behind a fence, without guides, without outfitters and without any sponsors to cloud up the reality of the video. Furthermore, you will watch giant bucks, and some not so giant bucks, taken primarily on public land where anyone can hunt. Jim and Jarred carry their stands on their backs for each hunt and they pursue their quarry in a very aggressive way that is refreshing to see. So while you are looking for something fresh and exciting to watch in the off season, or any other time, take a chance and pick up one of the Whitetail Adrenaline videos. I think you will be happy you did!!! 


  • Very entertaining.
  • Excellent do-it-yourself style hunting.
  • Filmed in HD.
  • Primarily filmed on public land.
  • Most hunters can relate to this reality style hunting. 


  • If you just want to see 200” bucks dropping into the dirt by a bunch of big name celebrities, then these may not be the videos for you. 


I was entertained so well that I just have to give these boys a 10 out of 10 score!!!!! 

Contact Info: 

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