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When your buck tag is filled, you don’t have to quit hunting by Tim Herald

November 11, 2013 by  
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This year I was lucky and took my home state Kentucky buck in early September. I have been hunting a little with my two sons, but there is a 3 week period in late October and early November when crossbow season is closed in KY. This past weekend the weather was wonderful for hunting with lows in the 30’s and highs in the 70’s. I had a promotional appearance at Cabela’s in Louisville on Saturday, but Sunday after church I just could not stand it. I decided I had to get in the woods, period.

I decided to hunt on a friend’s place, and I was going to take a doe or even better, a turkey. Thinking turkey, I picked a ground blind on a long ridge that has a small food plot on one end. We have killed a pile of spring turkeys there, and I see birds on the ridge all year long. About an hour after being in the blind, I saw a big gobbler come out about 150 yards away. He slowly moved in my direction, and after 30 minutes, I was pretty sure I would get a shot. He was taking his time picking, but he was steadily moving my way. He was hugging the side of the plot to my left, so I shifted my chair to allow for that shot.

When he got 30 yards out, he decided to walk out toward the middle of the plot, and I was not in good shape for that shot. He turned to walk back the way he came, so I drew my bow. I had to lean way over to my right to try to get a shot, and like an idiot, I touched my release and sent a Carbon Express arrow about 150 yards past the gobbler! I was obviously not happy…

Not 3 minutes later, I saw a doe come out of the woods moving my way, and 50 yards behind her, there was a 120” 8 pointer. He ended up running her down in the woods, and I could hear him chasing her around for some time.

I bit later in the afternoon, a saw a small group f turkeys coming from the same area where the longbeard had been earlier, and soon I glassed them and saw that they were 6 gobblers. They looked to be 2 year olds, and I realized it was a gang of birds that had been jakes last spring and ruined a lot of our hunts.

Just like the big bird earlier, they fed slowly toward me, and after 15 minutes, I had all 6 birds at 25 yards. I drew back, centered my top pin on a feeding bird’s hip area, and sent a Rage tipped CX Blue Streak straight into the sweet spot. I knew he wouldn’t go far, and he only made it about 50 yards before he expired. The nice 20 pound gobbler will make for a great addition to our Thanksgiving.

After I picked up the gobbler, I sat until dark and saw 3 more does and a small 6 point buck chasing them all over. It hasn’t quite happened yet, but just any day here in KY the big bucks will be on their feet and more killable than any other time. If you can, get in the woods as much as possible over the next 10 days. I think when it hits it will be sudden, and you don’t want to miss those few magic days…Tims-turkey

(Sorry for the bad pic. I was alone with a cell phone and trying to get back in my blind for a deer).

Hunt Hard…Tim H.

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