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What a weekend!

October 3, 2010 by  
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In my last post I talked about harvesting does in October. I am writing this from 30,000 feet above North Dakota on my way to far northern British Columbia where I will be moose hunting for the next week or so, and I am reflecting on a 26 hour period from Friday evening about 5:30pm until Saturday evening about 7:30 PM. This short window will stick out in my memory forever.

Oct 1 marked KY’s crossbow opener, and my twin boys that are 9 had been looking forward to that day for months. They have been shooting all summer, and were primed to go. We needed to do some serious doe management, so I was letting them have at it.

Friday evening, Will smoked a big doe at about 25 yards, and then he wanted to wait and see if a buck would show up. None did, and he passed on somewhere between 12-15 more does.

Sat. morning, I took Drew and we settled into a Primos Double Bull Darkhorse Blind before daylight, and soon after the action started. We were hunting a narrow clover food plot, and 13 turkeys flew down about 200 yards out. After an hour, they were scattered from 15-30 yards, and Drew shot one right through the hips, and we watched it drop 15 yards away. That was his first fall turkey.

About 9:30, 5 does came out, and as they crossed, he got on a big mature doe and double lunged her. I heard her crash, but I let him trail her for experience. He actually found 2 blood trails! We followed one up and found his doe, then followed the other, and he had shot through the doe, and we had no idea there was a yearling doe behind her, and Drew’s bolt had gotten a complete pass through on its neck also, and it died within 40 yards. He got 2 deer with one shot! What a morning for him (and dad).

I took Will back out Saturday evening, and he shot a doe at 5:45 and another about 6:30. We waited on a  buck, and 10 minutes before legal time was over, we had a nice 8 point and a nice 9 point at 25 yards to the left of his shooting window. Neither buck ever gave him a shot. It was frustrating, but that is hunting, and I want the boys to learn that as well as have success.

So in 26 hours, my two 9 year-olds harvested 5 does and a turkey with a crossbow. Their setup was a Carbon Express Covert 3.5 Crossbow and Carbon Express bolts tipped with G-5 T3 expandable broadheads. In all 6 cases, the setup worked to perfection. The boys are gaining valuable experience taking deer in bow range at an age when they just can’t handle a compound bow that I feel comfortable with to let them shoot deer. I think crossbows are incredible for young hunters especially and I wish more states (and our state) would make crossbow seasons more liberal and allow more folks to experience these good times.

We had a very special couple of days in KY, and I am blessed to have two wonderful sons who like to go afield with dad! Hope to report back in about 10 days with a  nice moose story. Until then…Hunt hard…Tim H.


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