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Wes McConnell’s Illinois Buck

November 6, 2011 by  
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Wes McConnell of Whitetail Properties shot this 146″ buck in Pike County, IL on November 2, 2011. Here’s what Wes had to say about the hunt.

”This buck is one of the older deer on the farm. We’ve gotten lots of Reconyx pics of him. He’s got a bladed split G2 that makes him easily identifiable. He’s a dominant buck that has been shredding some good-sized trees. We went in and hunt a Lone Wolf during the midday because the farmer had just cut some corn and the deer had really been keying in on the field. We had intended for the hunt to be a scouting mission as the stand overlooked the entire area of cut corn. It was over 70 degrees, and we didn’t expect to see many deer until late. The first deer we saw was the shooter. He was dogging a doe in the timber at about 180 yards across the corner of the cornfield. He walked to the edge of the field and started aggressively rubbing a small tree, then he left the doe and headed our way. He made his way down the edge of the cornfield, feeding as he closed the distance. My heart was racing. We watched him for well over 10 minutes before he closed the distance down to 25 yards. At 50 yards, he left the cornfield and started angling into the woods behind our perch. I stopped him with a bleat at 25 yards. His front leg was back, so I couldn’t decide whether to try to go in front of the shoulder or behind it, but finally I made up my mind to shoot behind it. The arrow struck right where I had intended, and the buck only went 70 yards before collapsing- I love watching them fall!



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