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Wecker Kids Harvest First Deer!

November 25, 2011 by  
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Great hunting report from a proud Dad about his kids first deer. Congrats to Madelyn and Grant on a couple of great first deer! We love to celebrate hunts here at American-Hunter, especially with kids. Keep the stories and pictures coming….hunt safe.

Happy to report two of my kids got their first deer this fall. There was a lot in common with each hunt, both were shot in the same general area, both in the evening, right as light was running out. Madelyn, age 14 shot her buck from a ground blind using a crossbow and the edge of a forest and hayfield. Grant, age 12  shot his from a tree stand using a muzzleloader in a creek bottom during youth gun season.  They 1st hunted last year, but this is the first year either of them bagged anything. Both deer are 8 points, probably 1-1/2 year old deer, decent heart/lung shots, but Madelyn’s left a blood trail and Grant’s didn’t leave much.

Andy Wecker

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