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Unpacking the ScoutGuard 550

August 22, 2008 by  
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Well my ScoutGuard 550 arrived at the house today!

Contents of the package

1. TrailCam
2. Manual
3. Video Out Cable
4. USB Cable
5. Remote Control Unit

Right out of the box, the first thing you notice is the size and when you pick up the Scout Guard 550 you realize that it’s pretty light as well.

Things not included in the box are the 8 Double AA batteries and the SD Memory Card (Which btw you can get very cheap from Amazon – for about $10 including shipping you can get a brand new 2GB SD San Disk Card.) Click here for  SanDisk 2GB SD Memory Card (SDSDB-2048, Bulk Package)

This is not your typical Cam – sliding off the bottom cover is where your batteries, SD Card and plugs go.

This camera will support 3 or 5 megapixel pictures as well as 640×480 or 320×240 AVI movies.

The SG550 is also an infra-red trail cam so no flashes during night time photos.

Setup was a breeze – looking over the manual for about 5 minutes it’s easy to figure out this has to be the least complicated trail cam I have ever setup (lucky for me, eh?)  Basically, plug in the remote control unit, hit the menu button, hit the right arrow keys to change opiton or down arrow key to move on to the next feature, click OK and that’s it.

Out of the box, here’s what I like about the SG 550 Trail Camera.

1) Size (it is one of the most compact camera’s I’ve seen and used)
2) Weight (It is very light and easy to carry)
3) It takes an SD memory card vs. a CF card, which is twice the price.
4) At $199 for a 5 megapixel camera that’s a bargain.

I got my camera from guarantees the lowest price on ScoutGuard trail cameras. They state If you find a lower price anywhere, you can send the ad to them and they will match the price and include free shipping!!!

Tomorrow – I’ll be setting up this camera and next week I’ll post up some video from the unit.

ScoutGuard 550 Features

– Extra small size 5 1/4″ H x 3 1/4″ W x 2 1/8″ D
– Motion Sensor with adjustable sensitivity
– Fast 1.2 second trigger speed
– 3MP or 5MP picture size (adjustable)
– Accepts up to 2GB SD card
– 1 second – 60 minutes programmable delay
– 1 sec – 60 sec programmable video length
– programmable time lapse photography
– Stand-by current to preserve battery life
– Extra long battery life
– Wired remote control for easy programming
– operates from -20c to 60c
– Available in camouflage for added
1 year limited warranty!

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