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TX Antelope Hunt Update- BIG BUCK DOWN!!!

October 6, 2009 by  
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Hola from TX…

I hunted a while yesterday evening here at 4F Outfitters with my good friend Cal Ferguson. We stalked a great buck, and had him at 202 yards, but that wasn’t close enough to make great footage where it was and all, so we passed.

We got out and hunted him this morning, and found him. I got to about 150 yards and had him in the clear, but the wind was blowing 30mph and I had to stand up to shoot him. I didn’t feel real comfortable with the shot, so I passed.

We went on hunting, and we found a buck Cal had only seen once ever. He was the widest pronghorn I had ever seen. We stalked him slowly, and ended up at 175 yards. He was bedded looking away, so we just waited. We waited an hour! The wind was blowing, and I was freezing.

Finally he got up, and I centered the crosshairs of my Nikon Monarch behind his shoulder. I squeezed off the trigger of the old TC Encore and let the 180 gr Winchester Accubond fly. It hit home and he was down in 40 yards. We haven’t scored him, but he is 18″ wide!!! He is just a fantastic goat, and again, great footage for The Zone…

TX GOat 1

TX Goat 2



Hunting now with Jason Gilbertson from Winchester, so we hope to get him one tomorrow.

Hunt Hard…Tim H.


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