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Two Kansas Muzzleloader Bucks for Whitetail Properties Team

September 27, 2012 by  
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Congrats to Kelly Putnam on harvesting this beautiful 167 buck on September 23rd in Harper county Kansas. She shot this great buck with her 50 cal. TC Pro Hunter.  Pete Alfano hunted the Kansas muzzleloader season and shot his trophy buck on the 17th. Check out their exciting stories below!

No history on the big one, but I still have to look at footage from last year and year before. I’m sure we have history on the one Jeremy killed. There are a pile of overly mature, low scoring deer on this lease. But every year a couple new big ones show up.

Kelly’s 167″ is a 5-6 year old, 22 inches wide, Long G-2’s & 3’s, with two long stickers on his right base, and an extra hook point off of his left G3. We were hunting him for the last 4 days of our trip because we had the right wind. Anything east. We encountered him two days before Kelly killed him. He came out and stood there for 5 minutes scoping out the area and then turned around and walked back in. Then two days later, WHAMMO, he came waltzing out an hour before dark. He walked right into 35 yards and Kelly smoke poled him and he fell on film. After being with my wife killing here biggest deer, I wasn’t going to be picky. I took the first crapper that came back out after her buck bit the dust. It was a huge bodied, overly dominate deer with extremely poor genetics. He’s an 8 point that I would guess to score about 115″ if that. He had a broken G2 already, and they just came out of velvet. He was working a scrape

This was a decent year for the weather. We were there for 7 days. First five hung between the mid 80’s and mid 90’s. But on the last two days we had a 15 degree temperature drop, which is exactly what we needed. Only after overcoming the odds and the pressures of hunting big deer could we realize what we were there for…. Spending time with each other.


Pete Alfano was also hunting south central Kansas for the muzzleloader opener. Here is his hunting report.

This is the 4th year managing this Kansas property and we were hunting the far north end of the property because I’d been getting good pictures of two mature bucks prior to the early Muzz. Loader season in Kansas, two days before season started I pulled my Reconyx camera and discovered this new buck showing up pushing these other bucks away with his aggressive behavior. The weather was unusally cool for this time of year and figured my chances were good that one of the target bucks would be up and on there feet early. The opening day of season was no different as the sun started to set I looked to my left and saw this great buck coming out of the canyons and over the pasture with his ears pinned back walking straight towards to smaller bucks that had began to feed towards the small pond I was overlooking. After making a couple scraps he walked broadside 90 yards and I stopped him. The 250 grain Barnes did it’s job and he expired 30 yards away. Once again owning this property and being able to manage it has proven to be the key. 4 years straight now harvesting a 160” or better buck, you can’t beat Kansas!

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