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Two Big Mulies Down

September 23, 2009 by  
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I have a recent report in from southern Alberta. My partner on our new show The Zone, James Brion and his hunting buddy Gary Joseph really kicked off the season the right way last week. They travelled to southern Alberta and came home with 2 fantastic mule deer bucks.

James scored on a beautiful 170” 4×4 with a 25 yard shot. Brion said, “It made for great footage. I shot the buck, he made his death dash straight out into a pond, and I had to wade out and drag him back in. It was a super hunt.”

jamesMuley09 (2)

Joseph shot an incredibly unique and extremely massive buck that ended up scoring 185. Again, out Zone cameras were rolling and captured all the action on this perfect 35 yard shot.

garyMuley09 (2)

What a week in Alberta! This just goes to show why the month of September is my favorite time to hunt either mule deer or whitetails with a bow. This outfitter had done his homework and had some good bucks patterned. James and Gary are now hunting whitetails in Nebraska at Gobble N Grunt Outfitters, and I heard Gary shot a nice P&Y deer. James had a 140 and a 150 buck in on him last night, but there wasn’t enough camera light to get the footage. He has one more night, so hopefully he will connect.  

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