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Turkey Hunting with Kids

April 18, 2010 by  
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Many states now offer youth turkey seasons. Here are a few tips to help make your day in the field safe, exciting, memorable and maybe even successful!

1. If possible, hunt in an area with high turkey population to maximize your odds of hearing, seeing and harvesting a bird.

2. Use a blind. It’s hard for youngsters to sit still and a quality pop-up like those offered by Primos or Camoflex will improve your chances immensely. Make sure to be safe in heavily hunted areas, consider using some blaze orange on the exterior of the blind.

3. Provide a sturdy rest for them to shoot from. A tripod or gun mounted rest is best so they don’t have to balance it while trying to shoot.

4.  Use a picture or turkey silhouette target to explain the head and neck kill zone. Then have them shoot their shotgun at a turkey target of some kind before they go.

5. Use a decoy or two and put them close to the blind, 10-15 yards is good. Primos B-Mobile Jake worked perfectly.

6. If successful, take plenty of pictures in the field, you want to capture the moment.

7. Cook up some of their turkey right away, they will grin ear to ear knowing they were responsible for feeding their family.

8. If you hunt private ground have them shake hands with the landowner and tell them thank you.

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