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Trail Camera Scouting Now for Next Year

January 22, 2010 by  
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If season is over where you hunt or you’ve tagged out now’s a great time to locate bucks for next fall.  It’s easy to set up a trail camera over some corn to see which bucks made in through for next season.  Deer are hungry this time of year with the lack of forage and readily come to the grain. You need to act fast because bucks will start shedding their antlers soon.  I recently replaced the batteries in my Moultrie trail camera and put out 300 lbs. of corn in a favorite spot. Two weeks later I had over 3,500 pictures, including many different bucks.  I’ll be looking for the split G2 buck and that nice 10 point next fall, hopefully both grow into shooters! Check local game laws regarding the use of corn or grain before trying this yourself.

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2 Responses to “Trail Camera Scouting Now for Next Year”

  1. GearFrenzy says:

    These are some great trail cam pictures! No doubt this next season is going to be a good one with some of those big boys in the back 4. We at hope to help you catch your next buck on camera. We have a great selection of trail-cams and accessories. Feel free to stop over and see Michael Waddell showcase his favorite camera here:

  2. Game Camera says:

    Nice, would love the head of those majestic bucks hanging on my wall to be added to my collections.

    3,500 pictures I believe is more than enough to know their behavioral pattern for the next season. A different angle and camera setup would also be helpful IMHO.

    Great capture!

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