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Trail Camera Pictures, Mineral Licks and Big Bucks

June 26, 2009 by  
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Lots of whitetail fanatics like me want to actually see the bucks that live where they hunt during the summer to get an idea of whats out there. Here’s a simple, effective and economical way to accomplish that summer time scouting and potentially help the bucks grow bigger racks at the same time. I used a $199 Moultrie IR camera for this set-up and bought my livestock salt and mineral and corn for under $40 at the local Tractor Supply Company (TSC).

Find a well traveled spot that is relatively open where a couple of deer trails cross. Ideally, this location should be easy for you to get to and from from without busting deer. For my spot I chose an area near the west edge of a good sized woods. Use a shovel to dig up an area roughly 5ft by 5ft. Pour one 50lb. bag of livestock salt into the area and use the shovel to work it into the ground. Pour one 50lb. bag of livestock mineral into the same area and repeat. Put a second bag of livestock salt over the mineral and work it in real good. Top this off with one bag of whole corn, this will ensure the deer find it quickly. You will want to position your trail camera about 10-15 ft away and about 3ft off the ground. I’d also suggest setting the timer to 3-5 minutes between shots. I had mine set for 1 minute which was not ideal. It’s best to face the camera either north or south to avoid direct exposure to the sun in the morning or evening. I’ve included a few pictures to clearly show the process and the results.  I got hundreds of pictures in just 14 days of 6 different bucks and many does including one heavy 8 point with good potential.

This is a really fun way to keep tabs on bucks in the areas you plan to hunt this fall. Take your kids with you when you can they’ll enjoy it too!

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