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Trail Cam Shots

July 3, 2011 by  
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Here are a few trail cam pictures from one of my favorite farms. This mineral lick and camera provided well over 1,000 deer pictures in the past 30 days. The intense use by the deer combined with record setting spring rains here in Ohio have dissolved my Trophy Rocks already. I put out new ones in many of my spots when I pulled the SD cards. I think its important to provide plenty of mineral when they are really craving them over the summer.

In addition to my standby Moultrie cameras I bought a Stealthcam 2.0MP IR, Covert 3.0MP IR and Cuddeback Hyperfire IR to test this summer. I’ll let you know how these new trail cameras perform over the next several months. Cameras are obviously an excellent scouting tool but they can also be expensive and frustrating due to malfunctions and poor performance. Manufacturers are making good improvements but they are not 100% reliable yet.

The mature bucks are showing their size but the next 30 days will clearly show me which farms the real monsters are living!

If you have any trail cam pictures you’d like to share please check out the About page for info on submission. Have a great 4th!


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