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Todd’s Unexpected 11 Pointer

November 14, 2010 by  
Share | reader, and avid bowhunter Todd Brado provides this great story about his 2010 pursuit of a trophy buck.

My 2010 Ohio Whitetail season ended on November 9, 2010 with a beautiful 11 pointer being harvested. The 2010 season was somewhat short but full of trials and tribulations. The season started off with a very disappointing trail camera batch with not many shooter bucks. My opening week of bow season, like many in the past, was without opportunity and pretty much continued on like that for the first week or two of the season. Finally on October 5th by best friend and I started getting pictures of a buck worth chasing. The next few weeks we continued to get pictures of the big buck and I actually had several daylight sightings.

On October 22, 2010 I was fortunate enough to get a perfect south west wind, my best friend and I were on opposite sides of the farm, in perfect stands for the big buck and everything was working to our advantage. The weather was cooler than previous days and the deer started to trickle into the alfalfa field nice and early. Not much into the evening set and with the does already in the field, out started coming the first few little bucks. Before I knew it I had two of the bigger bucks on the farm scent checking does and between them and the smaller bucks the does were moving all over the field. Then my perfect evening and early archery season started to unravel. That’s when I looked up and 75 yards ahead of me and over a half broken fence came the big nine point that my friend and I have been after for 2 years. He came right into the alfalfa field and all the deer froze for a split second to recognize that this was the king buck of the area.

As the big buck mingled around eating and grazing on the lush green alfalfa, he was steadily working his way to my stand. While this was all going on I lost all composure and as they call it, “buck fever” set in! My legs and knees were shaking; I could not feel my fingers and arms, my heart rate was ticking away at a super fast pace, and apparently my judgment was completely impaired! I am now in full panic mode like I have never experienced before in my life and this Boone and Crockett deer is now broadside at what I am guessing 40 yards. I pulled back my Mathews Z7, set my Flashpoint 40 yard pin on, at that point brown fuzz, and sent my Carbon Express Maxima Hunter 350 arrow tipped with a 2 blade Rage broadhead and blue Firenock zipping…. right over the monster buck’s back!

The huge buck just continued to graze and not one deer was alerted as to what had just happened! Unfortunately for me he strolled right out of shooting range, and I had to sit there for at least another 30 minutes and watch this buck with the several other large bucks graze the alfalfa all while I could barely breathe, heart rate still zooming fast, and I felt like throwing up!! As the next couple of weeks went on there were no more daylight sightings of the Booner 9 point. Reality started to set in I realized I blew probably the only shot I was going to get at that buck in this field during the season, so as the weather started getting cooler and the bucks started roaming for does; it was time to forget the tragedy and begin my rut hunting tactics.

The weather was the best it’s been in recent memory, with perfect cold temperatures in the 30-50 degrees Fahrenheit, full moon was set for November 6th, and the deer were moving everywhere I was sitting. My only complaint was that a few of my best rut funnels needed better wind conditions. I had to try some new stand spots in what I thought were not going to get good deer activity but I was truly surprised after I climbed in one of these “so so” spots on November 1st, 2010. By the end of that day I had seen a dozen different bucks running does all over God’s great woods. The next few days were the same with lots of buck chasing activity, scrapes being hit and rubs being made. I had seen a few 140-160 inch deer which I was more than ready to put a Rage through and close the chapter on this Ohio deer season. Of the multiple encounters with the deer in the first week of November I was full draw multiple times on deer in the 130-140 class and had to let down because I could hear my friends voice in the back of my head saying “you can’t shoot a 170 inch deer if you shoot every 140 inch deer” that comes along, so I decided to pass on a few nice deer.

Finally, on November 9th, I got a decent wind for one of my favorite rut stands and decided to make the move and hunt it. The morning was cold and frosty, the wind was blowing out of the south, south east, and I was in stand by 6:30 am ready for another 12-13 hour sit. Around 8 am I hear leaves crunching and in the thick underbrush I see brown deer legs and as my eyes rise to try to see the head of the deer I can see a decent set of antlers coming my way. 25 yards from my stand and it’s a mid 120’s class 10 point that ends up standing broadside, I never even picked my bow up! The time ticked on and before I knew it, it was mid afternoon around 2:30pm, and I haven’t even seen another deer all day. Now it was time to make a decision, sit where I have been all day and only seen one buck or make a move to another spot or another farm! I decided to stay put for the remainder of the day and my theory behind staying put was, I’m in the middle of an awesome funnel and two huge woodlots, primetime rut, and no big bucks have been through this funnel all day long looking for does. I was thinking, it’s only a matter of time before some deer will be traveling through this pinch point to see what’s in the other woods.

Just as I settled in mentally for the last few hours, I finally hear some noises from behind. I slowly turn to look over my shoulder and I see a little 4 pointer with his nose to the ground scanning the wood lot floor for a whiff of a doe. As he takes my attention for a brief minute, I hear something rustling in the woods directly behind me and as I turn a little further to the left, I see a real nice set of horns with its nose down as well, so I spin my head to the right to try to throw a grunt in front of me with my M.A.D. buck growl, and that’s all it took to turn that buck in my direction. The big buck kept creeping closer and closer and I could see he had at least 10 points, nice main beams, and some decent mass and spread so I decided this was a shooter buck. He got to about 10 yards and I could see a cool looking point coming off his right brow and I was getting more and more anxious for the deer to present itself for a shot. Finally he came to a scrape and hit it for a brief minute then continued in front of my stand. I was more than ready to redeem myself from my mistakes earlier in the season, so I zeroed my 20 yard pin on my bow and released an arrow, it went screaming through both lungs of the beautiful 11 point buck. The buck bolted straight away and expired within 60 yards of the shot. I climbed out of the tree, called my best friend, called my wife and went to admire my unexpected 2010 whitetail deer.


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  1. Terry says:

    Great deer, Todd! Nice story too. Congrats.

  2. Maura says:

    Wow Todd! That is an awesome story. I know nothing about hunting and I loved reading that! Congrats!!

  3. Todd says:

    Thanks Terry and Maura

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