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Tim’s 2011 Safari

August 10, 2011 by  
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The day is finally here! I leave for the Niassa Reserve in northern Mozambique today to hunt with Kambako Safaris, and this should be a hunt of a lifetime. I have put in a lot of preparation and research for this hunt. I have 3 friends going with me, and I know we will have an incredible experience in one of the last truly wild places in Africa.

I will be hunting Cape buffalo, leopard and sable, plus a host of plainsgame. The leopard is still my nemesis, so I am hoping to finally have that perfect experience with Mr Spots. The guys at Kambako were 100% last year and are 2 for 2 so far this year. Three of us in my group are leopard hunting, so it will be interesting.

I have never taken a sable and feel that they are the most beautiful antelope in Africa, so that is a priority. Of course Cape buffalo hunting is always a rush and a challenge. I love tracking the big bulls and getting in close for a good shot. That’s what dangerous game hunting is all about. In contrast, I also hope to take a suni, one of the smallest and rarest antelope in Africa.

My battery for the hunt is my TC Custom ICON  in .458 Win. I am shooting Winchester Safari Grade Ammo with 500 gr Nosler Solids and Partitions. This is topped with a 1.5×6 Monarch Gold scope, and I think is perfect for close in work. I am also taking a TC ICON in .300 Win shooting Winchester ammo with 180 gr Nosler E-tip bullets. This is really accurate, and should do well on leopard and sable.

The trip ahead is a killer with a 16 hour flight from Atlanta to Joburg. We will stay the night there, fly to Pemba Mozambique the next day (3.5 hours), and then jump on a 2 hour charter flight to camp. I leave home at noon on Monday, and hopefully get to camp mid to late afternoon on Wednesday. It is all worth the experience of being in wild Africa. We have 13 hunting days and then the 2 day trip home. Don’t know if I will be able to check in from Africa, but I will give a detailed report in a few installments upon my return. Until then…Hunt Hard…Tim H.


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