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Time is right to book affordable “left over hunts”

August 13, 2009 by  
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This isn’t going to be a real long entry, but I was thinking last night that I have never seen such a good time to find affordable hunting trips. Now I know that the economy is bad and there may not be a lot of extra money, but if you do have a little stash put back, I have never seen such good prices.

I get cancellation hunt deals and leftover hunt deals e-mailed to me every day from hunt consultants and outfitters. Some of what I have been seeing is just fantastic and ranges from bow whitetail hunts, to bear and sheep, to elephant and Cape buffalo safaris. I also know talking to outfitter friends, that bookings are down, and they are working discounted deals with hunters this year to bring in folks. It is worth checking around and seeing what is available. Feel free to contact me with a comment here on this BLOG or e-mail me, and I will be happy to pass along the name and contact info of some folks I know who can get you on a good quality hunt at a good price this year. I have outfitter friends here in KY, NE, Sask., and Texas that all have some really good prices and great dates open.

This one is not going to be in all of our price range, but I got a notice yesterday about a bull elephant and bull Cape buffalo hunt for about $10,000. That is a lot of money, but many places, that is a $20-25,ooo hunt. If you don’t have a trip planned this fall, you might seriously want to look into booking one.


Hunt Hard…Tim H.


4 Responses to “Time is right to book affordable “left over hunts””

  1. eric says:

    Hey Tim,

    I’d be interested in some of your contact info.

    I live in Lexington,KY as well and I’m looking for something within a 5 hour drive. Stalking wild boar with a bow is currently on top of my list, but all info is welcomed.


  2. Walter says:

    please send any information in regards to Texas, Kentucky, or elk hunts, thanks a million, love the site

  3. Tim says:


    You can call me at 859-608-9331 or my e-mail is .


    I will send youa n e-mail with some info. Feel free to get back to me with further questions.

    Thanks guys…TH

  4. Duce Williams says:

    Tim: I would like to have some info on Elk, mule deer or whitetail hunts. I bow hunt so any info on bow hunts are welcomed in addition to rifle hunts. I hunt in Crittenden Co, Kentucky so there is no interest in any hunts in Kentucy at this point. I love this sight and I have enjoyed your blog.


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