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Time is nearing for 2009 fall hunting season to begin -preparation…

August 10, 2009 by  
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This year is a little different for me as far as getting ready for the fall season to kick off. Usually, I am all geared up for an archery hunt in WY or MT, and though I am practicing with my Hoyt AlphaMax, my first hunt of the fall will actually be a rifle hunt. I am going on one of the hunts I have dreamed about all my life, Alaska Brown Bear and Moose.

This combo hunt for two of North America’s largest game animals will be Sept 8-20 with Clint Mayeur of Alaska Game Hunting. Though I have been very fortunate and hunted and fished all over the world, I have never been to Alaska. That coupled with the fact that Clint’s operation is known for their success on 65″+ moose, and a brown bear is the top of my trophy wish list, make this a truly special hunt for me. In all honesty, if I could take a bear, the hunt would be complete; a moose would be a big bonus.

So with the hunt less than a month away, I am preparing for this adventure of a lifetime. I have ordered my hip boots, sleeping bag and pad from Cabela’s. Last Friday I took my TC ICON in .300 Win mag to the range and resighted with big bullets. It is shooting dead on at 200 yards, and that puts my Nikon BDC reticle on for the first circle at 300. After getting off schedule with Africa, etc., I am back in the gym regularly working hard on cardio hills trying to be in the best shape I can for the trip. I found out a long time ago, whether it is elk, moose, mt goat or whatever, the better shape you are in, the more enjoyable any active hunt will be. If you are in shape, you can also be more of a help, and not a hindrance, to your guide. That is always much appreciated, and I believe that most guides will work harder for a client that they believe has prepared for a hunt and is willing to put out all the effort possible during a hunt.

I will be filming this hunt for Tom Miranda’s Territories Wild and TC Pro Hunter Journal, and I look forward to working with my long time friend and videographer, Rob Snider. Rob and I have hunted together for about 10 years, and he has been with me on quite a few memorable hunts including a 165″ whitetail in IL with a bow, last year’s moose and mt goat in British Columbia, turkey hunts all over the US from Florida to Hawaii, etc. When filming a hunt, and especially a long and taxing hunt, it is important to get along with and trust your partner no matter which side of the camera you are on. Rob and I work well together, and I really enjoy hunting with him.

I am hoping some of you folks will start interacting here and give me some feedback. It makes this type of communication much more fun and beneficial to all of us. SO…what hunts do you have planned for this fall and what are you doing to get ready?

Hunt Hard…Tim H.

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