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The Whitetail Gods, by Scott Ward

October 4, 2011 by  
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4:25 p.m The moon is over head and the wind is dumping out of the north west, with a front moving in. My life long friend Shawn is the hunter on deck . Man the season is here I’m thinking as we drove by a 140 inch buck in the beans to left driving to the farm. Man we are late, knowing the drive back to the white oaks was risqué business with the 4 legged creatures filtering out into the fields so early. So what do I do. Do I risk it going in, knowing that deer are moving and will bust out? So We make the decision to abort the mission and go to a spot where we had seen some nice bucks back in July but it’s now September.  It’s the only choice we have with time against us and a north west wind. So in the stand he goes as I stroll off on the quad praying to the whitetail gods for Shawn’s success.

I have hunted with Shawn since we were kids skipping school to hunt rabbits and squirrels . Sharing the latest issue of Bowhunter Magazine  and collecting our Cabela’s catalogs cutting ads out to make our Christmas lists  yup the good ole days, anyways I get a text from Shawn “6 point at 20 yards for and hour” as I finish reading his text I start seeing deer everywhere. As I’m driving around killin time. And I texted back “1 hr big boy coming through”, boy the whitetail gods were making me look like I knew what I was texting. At 6:30 my friend of 20 years harvested his largest whitetail to date. The buck scored 137 inches. Moral of this story, when everything is against you in the whitetail woods just pray to the whitetail gods you never know when their going to grant you that ultimate wish.

Scott Ward


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