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The Giant Iowa Buck – Awesome Buck!

October 21, 2008 by  
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This buck looks like a record buck to me! This buck has all the rack characteristics that a bowhunter could dream of – mass, spread, tine length and just plain big!

There aren’t many facts as of yet – but rumor has it that it scores upwards of 270″!


10 Responses to “The Giant Iowa Buck – Awesome Buck!”

  1. treejocky says:

    for real awesome buck and job taking him

  2. mrjbigfoot says:

    Congratulations on an absolutely King Stud Buck!!! Wow!!!

  3. dodgeman says:

    This is the first true Giant of the year!

  4. John Kirbo says:

    Should have given it 1 more year

  5. Tom Sorenson says:

    Shame on him for not being more selective! :)

    What a bruiser of a buck – can’t wait to hear all the details.

  6. Mike Summers says:

    Who says there are not huge buck in Iowa. This is one big M.B.D. For those of you that do not know what this means. M=Monster B=Buck D=Down

  7. Syl Connolly says:

    Congratulations from one bow hunter to another! The dream of a life time. Glad a bow hunter took this buck.

  8. jon rath says:

    Was told by a friend Al Clark that his brother actually got to see this deer after it was shot. Green score was approx. 266. Also was told for insurance reasons the dnr has this deer, the reason behind that is it rumored that the last 3 record book deer were stolen. Gee what has this world come to??????

  9. rbhawkeye says:

    Scored deer at Iowa Whitetail Classic with guy who officially scored this deer. 275 and change net. First DEER ever shot by this kid with a bow. Will take a little luck over alot of skill anyday!!!!

  10. Dan Jackson says:

    rbhawkeye, Thanks for giving us an update – that is one very impressive buck.

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