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The Brow Tine Buck by Brandon Carter

February 13, 2014 by  
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Ohio-monster-buckSince we didn’t see or hear the buck go down we slipped out of the stand and off the ridge as quietly as possible.  Back at the cabin, Andrew met us, along with Matt and Brock Brewster, the owners of Sunfish Valley Whitetails.  After talking it over, everyone felt the shot was fatal but we were not going to be in a rush to go after him.  Up until this point I had not felt one bit of nervousness, anxiousness or even excitement.  It was now about 2 hours after the shot, and it hit me!  I started to shake just a bit, my stomach began to knot and I got very anxious and fidgety.

We waited about another hour, likely the longest hour of my life and decided to go up on the ridge and see what kind of blood trail we had before committing to tracking him.  Andrews brother Anthony had joined us as their father Mr. Homer Wilburn had passed away the day before and they both just needed to get their minds on something else.  Almost immediately Anthony found blood.  I wasn’t a tremendous amount of blood but it was sprayed 2.5’ from the buck’s tracks which would indicate that something major was severed like the heart or an artery.

We decided this was definitely a fatal shot and we should take up the blood trail.  After a half mile, I began to doubt the shot and think we needed to pull out and wait until morning.  Andrew reassured me the buck was dead as we had not gone 10 feet during the tracking without blood sprayed all over the snow.  We pushed on for about another ¼ mile when we finally came across 3-4 puddles of blood which told us the buck had finally stopped.  We could feel that he was close.  We were almost on top of the thickest nastiest hill in the whole area.

We stopped at those puddles for a few minutes just catch our breath and strategize.  Thankfully the only strategy we needed to think about was getting this giant off the hill because as Andrew flipped on his light to continue the trail the Brow Tine Buck was RIGHT THERE!  Andrew yelled out in that southern Ohio drawl, “There he lays!”.  We all ran over to him and fell to the ground in hugs next to the buck.  This was the end to the worst streak in my hunting life.  For Andrew and his brother it meant even more, it meant making their late father proud.  Mr. Homer was an avid hunter and Andrew would show him trail camera pictures of the Brow Tine Buck.  Up until his last days of battling cancer he would ask Andrew if we had got the buck yet.  He would always tell Andrew, don’t give up, you’ll get him.

Mr. Homer Wilburn was right, we never gave up, we hunted hard and we hunted smart.  This buck was well known throughout the community and amongst all the Sunfish Valley guides.  We pieced together every little bit of information we could gather on this tremendous animal from everyone.  This hunt was a true team effort by Everyone involved with Sunfish Valley Whitetails and Reel Shot TV.

Harvesting a buck of this size and under these circumstances means much more to me than any “score” could ever indicate.  However, everyone was anxious to find out just how big this giant was and how he would rank against other bucks killed in the area.  The next morning we finally got around to measuring him and came up with an unofficial score of 197 1/8”!  A true giant by ANYONES measure!

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  1. Kkk says:

    Fking retard i hope some1 kill u like u kill this Animal. And cut Your head and take a picture :-). Im waiting for this photo

  2. That is one cool looking whitetail rack! I’ve been hunting on land in central Wisconsin for over 25 years and I’ve never seen anything like that monster before. Impressive!

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