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The Bow-Zone

May 29, 2011 by  
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OH CANADA! I don’t think it would have been possible for me to be more excited about my spring trip to Canada. Two weeks to chase giant black bears in Alberta and do a little shed hunting in the infamous Bow-Zone! Well, I don’t think it would have been possible for a trip to be any more unsuccessful than this one was! I knew there was a possibility the bear hunting could be slow, the 2 feet of snow the area received this winter just melted off before I left so the baits were out late. Even though we had 2 weeks of 80 degree weather, and no rain unlike most of the US, bear hunting couldn’t have been any slower. Lots of sows with cubs, which is a positive for the bears, was about all that showed themselves, except for one decent boar that I elected to pass on. Although he was a great looking black phase with a nice white blaze on his chest, he was just an average bear, nothing like the giants I know live in the area. I spent most of the two weeks north of Edmonton hoping for a big bruin to show up, so I didn’t get to spend as much time shed hunting as I had planned. Turned out that wasn’t all bad, with all the water laying around from the snow melting off the mosquitoes were out in full force, MILLIONS of them! Thank god for the inventor of the Thermacell!!! It would be safe to say I was a few weeks late for shed hunting, along with fighting off Boone and Crockett size mosquitoes, the bush was green and thick, making it very hard to find anything on the ground! Oh well, live and learn. On a positive note, I met some great people and cant wait to return this fall. The outfitter I hunted with is planning on setting a few fall baits so maybe I can fill a deer and a bear tag in September. In addition, with the economy hitting everyone where it hurts, there are a couple openings for deer hunts this fall which is very rare for the Bow-Zone! Anyone interested please contact me.

Thanks to everyone that has followed my posts for the last couple months and for all the positive comments. I really hope everybody can pick up something that will help them bag a GIANT this fall! For the next month, I will be concentrating on explaining my summer regimen including watching summer food sources for specific animals and finding new giants to hunt, where I establish my summer mineral sites and why, monitoring bucks during the summer months with trail cams, summer observation stands, and prepping stands for early season. I know that when the summer heat soars above 90 and the humidity gets unbearable, the last thing on most guys minds can be big bucks, but you get out of it what you put into it and summer scouting can pay HUGE dividends! If your willing to deal with the heat and a few pesky mosquitoes, the extra effort will pay off, just remember your Thermacell or a bug jacket! I’ll even let you in on a little known secret about the best days this summer to try and get a look at the best bucks in your area!  Yes, there are a handful of days every month, just like during season, that a giant buck is more likely to show himself during daylight. There are certain areas that are better than others too! Don’t kid yourself and think that just because season is months away that a monster whitetail likes to be seen, they never do and thats how they learn to survive, staying out of sight even in the middle of summer! The next few months is a great time to lay eyes on a big old dominant buck though, and I’m going to  share some ideas with you that have worked for me in the past so check back next week!

Oh yeh, and even though my trip was unsuccessful, I had a great time! If you haven’t experienced a hunt in Canada, I highly reccommend it, it’s still my favorite destination, right behind my home in Ohio!


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