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Texas Whitetails-Continued

December 30, 2009 by  
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Tim just supplied this hunting report from Texas, sounds like a great hunt for all involved.
Deer are still dropping for our group down here in TX. I have a large group of friends/colleagues in camp with writers, TV folks and manufacturers. Everyone is now hunting management and cull bucks. It is tough to find good mature bucks that fit either category, and especially the culls since they have to be less than 8 points.  John Burgman from Outdoor Life ( is with us, and this is his first deer hunt ever. He took a really nice 10 point management buck yesterday. Greg Kostek from Winchester Ammo ( took a really nice old 8 pointer as well. His deer weighed in at over 180 pounds, so he surely would have been well over 200 before the rut. I have taken a couple of does as we are eating a lot of deer meat in camp.
Karen Lutto is here with Hi Mt Seasonings ( she is making some incredible appetizers, jerky, sausage, etc. for us with their delicious products. We have an evening and morning left to hunt, so hopefully we will put the hammer on a few more good TX bucks.
Hunt Hard…Tim H.




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