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Texas Monster Buck taken with a Bow

October 25, 2010 by  
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I just received an email about a monster Texas whitetail.  Here is what I have, Texan and veteran bowhunter, Jack Brittingham shot this giant typical whitetail on his own ranch. Check out the picture, this is just about as big as typicals get anywhere at 223 gross! Congrats Jack!

This is a buck I killed this morning. He came off my South Texas ranch known as Rancho Encantado. We have never brought in any outside genetics onto this property. These deer are the same deer that have always been here, a rare thing in Texas anymore.

This buck is a contender to outscore the present Texas typical record. The McCulloch Head was killed in 1963 and nets 196.5. This buck may net as high as 199.5, but it will depend on whether the G-6 on the right side is a measurable point. Either way, it is a tremendous buck and I’m very excited about him! His gross score is over 223.



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