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December 29, 2009 by  
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Tim sent me the following whitetail hunting report from Texas. Man, he’s had a great year!
Hello from Uvalde, Texas. I am down on the Harris Ranch hunting with Mike Stroff and SOE hunts ( ), and things have been great. Mike told me the first afternoon that I was going to a huge oat field, and they had a deer there they called the “Perkins” buck. It is a slick 10 pointer with tall tines, chocolate rack, not real wide, but a 7.5 year old. I guess 4 hunters this year had had encounters with him, but hadn’t taken him. So I climbed into the big box blind and got comfortable. The field is 1200 yards long, and does and small bucks began filtering out way down the field from us, probably 800-900 yards away.
There was some chasing action, but we had nothing close at all. Then, straight across the field from us, a buck emerged from the thick brush. It didn’t take long to realize that this was the Perkins buck, so I got ready. He fed at about 150 yards for a couple minutes, and we rolled some film on him. Finally my cameraman gave me the thumbs up, and I squeezed the trigger of my trusty TC ICON and sent a 180 grain E-tip straight through his shoulder. He didn’t even quiver.
I must say, I was almost in shock. We had taken THE deer we were after, 40 minutes into the hunt, no feeder, no fences. Wow…

This great 10 pointer scores in the low 150’s, and is a great speciman of a south Texas whitetail. It was a super way to end what has been a great 2009 for me and the crew from The Zone

If I can get a computer to work again while I am here, I will send in a report from some of my friends here with us. I am off to shoot does, and they are all shooting management deer, and there are some good ones on this ranch…

Hunt Hard…Tim H.






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