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Take a Kid Hunting…You will be glad you did!

November 19, 2010 by  
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I had the privilege of taking my cousin’s 11 year old son Max deer hunting this past week. He loves the outdoors and was very excited to get out and try to get his first buck. Two years ago he got his first deer, a doe with a shotgun during a special youth season. Since then he has been hunting squirrels and birds with his pellet gun and dreaming of getting a buck. I was really hoping I could help him out.

The first evening we saw several deer including a really nice 10 point chasing a doe. Long story short, they put on a show but never presented a shot. We saw some other chasing but again, not close enough and it got dark. We made plans to go again and several days later we headed back to the same blind. About 4:30 five does appeared in an adjacent field 150 or so yards to our north. Soon after a buck approached from behind our ground blind, jumped the fence and headed in our direction. The buck had seen the does and was going to check them out. He passed within shooting range for a moment but was not in our shooting lane and was moving quickly. I tried to stop him with a grunt but that didn’t work. Quickly I grabbed the antlers and that didn’t work either, he just walked on. That was very frustrating for Max and I, but that’s hunting.

About 30 minutes later a smaller buck came out into the field near the does and started chasing them around. I hoped a little rattling would bring him over to investigate.  After the second rattling sequence the second buck had moved closer but was still 100 yards out and it was starting to get dark. That’s when I heard him! A third buck had apparently heard the rattling and was approaching from the south. He was coming in on a string and by the time I got Max refocused on this buck he was only about 22 yards. Max wasted no time making the shot, and it was perfect. The buck ran maybe 100 yards and piled up.  We waited then tracked the buck together, the bloodtrail was good and soon my headlamp beam made an eye glow in the dark, there he was. Max ran to get his hands on his first buck, a nice 10 pointer!

If you have never seen the pure excitement in a child when he or she gets their first deer you need to. It is the best! Take some time, get out there with your own kids, grandkids, niece, nephew or neighbor. Be safe and introduce a kid to the outdoors, they just might love it as much as you do!


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