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Alaska Moose Hunt Part 2 by Tim Herald

September 26, 2012 by  
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The Rest of the Moose Story… As I said before…two of my other guys in camp also killed great moose on day 1. Pete Lombardi killed a great 66 inch bull, and Dean Slaney took a ridiculous 76″ monster. These are just both unbelievable trophies. The 76incher looks photoshopped, but believe me, it is not! […]

Alaska Adventure-Part 1 by Tim Herald

September 24, 2012 by  
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AK Adventure (Part 1) On September 11th, Jim Bevins, Dean Slaney, Pete Lombardi, my cameraman from Nosler’s Magnum TV– David Sager, and I flew in on a charter plane to the rugged Alaska Range and the Xtreme Xpeditions base camp. We were all hoping to kill good moose on this trip, and of course I […]

Moving on to Alaska by Tim Herald

Moving On… Well, my home state deer whipped my tail this past week. I didn’t get to hunt but 4 times in 8 days because of weather or some other unforeseen circumstance, and I did not connect with a big whitetail in KY. On the 6th, I did see the deer I was hunting. Steve […]

Mozambique Hunt Report-Tim Herald

It is only lunch on day 2 of my hunt with Kambako Safaris, and it has already been incredibly exciting. I got lucky, and we tracked up a big bull Roosevelt sable that PH Stu Taylor and I hunted for more than a week last year. I took him about an hour before dark, the […]

Hunting South Dakota Whitetails by Tim Herald

Miserable cold in SD, but…a nice buck is down! After our fantastic hunt in NE, my cameraman and I drove 4 hours north to South Dakota to hunt with Tom Trask of Dakota Trophy Adventures. The weather was pretty warm when we got there, and we passed up a really nice old 5×6 whitetail with […]

Cornhusker State Opening Weekend: Tim Herald

I always enjoy going to Nebraska for the rifle opener in mid-November each year. My TV partner James Brion owns Gobble N Grunt Outfitters in north central, NE, and there are some huge bucks in the area. One great thing about NE is that a hunter can get 2 buck tags. I decided this year […]

Tim Herald: Hunting Trip to England

OCTOBER 20011 English Red Stag and Muntjac I have always wanted to go to England and see the hunting tradition there, and being a history major, I also wanted to see some of the neat sites through the countryside. Kiri at Athina Hunting Tours invited me over to do a free-range red stag hunt. And […]

NE Report from The Zone…

On my 3rd morning in NE, I watched a lot of bucks and a huge bodied 8 pointer (with broken brow) chased does, grunted, ran small bucks, etc. for the first 1.5 hours of the morning and then disappeared into a thicket. We knew the deer as James Brion (owner of Gobble N Grunt Outfitters) […]