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AZ Monster Mule Deer…for The Zone

Last fall, Mark Young , of Adam Clements Safari Trackers, told me about a really unique mule deer hunt that he had sent some guys on in the desert of Arizona. The kicker was that an hour west of Phoenix there is a huge amount of agriculture that is being irrigated including alfalfa, sorghum, barley, […]


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Here is the rest of my story…After taking the big 150″ 8 pointer, I went back to the same stand to shoot a doe. A few does came out about 200 yards out, and then I looked up and saw tines in the same spot where I spotted my buck the evening before. When he […]

IA Hunt Report – Big Buck Down!!!

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Hola from southern Iowa…This was one hunt I was really looking forward to. I drew an Iowa first shotgun/muzzleloader season tag this year, and I was going to hunt with one of the deer hunters I respect most in the world, Bill Winke. Now Bill doesn’t do anything but hunt with his Hoyt bow anymore, but […]

Son Scores on Nice KY Buck with Crossbow!!!

My twin boys’ birthday is Oct 17…On the 16th, I took my son Drew out to a local farm the Steve Hartley Outdoors ( ) operates on to try his hand at crossbow hunting for whitetail. Steve had been seeing some quality bucks there. We hunted from a ground blind at the edge of a field, and the […]

2nd TX Pronghorn Down – End to a great trip…

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Yesterday I got to hunt pronghorn with my good friend Jason Gilbertson from Winchester Ammo. I had taken the big wide buck the day before, and we went looking for a beautiful buck we had seen that was nicknamed “Flair” because of his horn configuration. We found him and made multiple stalks. If things weren’t […]

NM Elk Hunt Day 2- BIG BULL DOWN!!!

Well…it all came together this morning. Though the bulls were not bugling again at daylight (it was 21 degrees), we did find one single bull that answered our calls at around 8am. He was over a ridge, so we climbed up, and it was a beautiful flat wooded mesa on top. He was over the […]

A Couple Great Bucks from SD

My buddies Greg and Jeff Miller killed these 2 bucks in SD on the morning of Sept 28. Jeff’s big mulie goes 204, and Greg’s whitetail was a nice 5 1/2 year old. The caught both bucks on video for In Pursuit TV and Greg told me the footage was great. Just thought I would […]

Armstrong – Big Buck Interview

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This dandy buck was taken in Lewis County, KY during the 2006 Kentucky Deer Season. Host Kelly Ison talks with the deer hunter on his trophy buck! If the above player doesn’t work for you, you can view it directly by clicking on this link

Larry Marcum – 2007 Kentucky Archery Buck

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Another great buck from Kentucky. If this buck didn’t have the common base point it would have netted close to 190″ typical.

Kentucky’s Biggest Typical from 2007

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As of this posting this is the biggest known typical from the 2007 Kentucky Deer Season. This buck is very impressive in several different aspects, fist it comes from a county in Eastern Kentucky where there have only been two other typicals entered into the Boone & Crockett book. This will make the third typical […]