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Prime Time Gives Mixed Results

The past week or so has been prime time for whitetails throughout the midwest. With below average temperatures in many places and even a little snow, we would think the rut would be wide open and huge deer would be popping out behind every other tree. From the hunting I have been doing with my […]

Looking like Prime Time is Here…by Tim Herald

October 31, 2012 by  
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It is the end of October, and as usual big bucks are falling to hunters, but it seems that weather conditions have been and are about perfect. Over the past weekend, temperatures in the Midwest dropped below averages, and the big boys were really moving. I sent a friend on a hunt in Iowa with […]

2012 Hunt Plans by Tim Herald

As many of you know, Tim Herald hunts and films worldwide for several top notch TV shows. We are fortunate to be able to follow his adventures here at Looks like 2012 should be another exciting year for Tim! Well because of tag draws (or lack thereof), my schedule is less planned at this […]

Hunting South Dakota Whitetails by Tim Herald

Miserable cold in SD, but…a nice buck is down! After our fantastic hunt in NE, my cameraman and I drove 4 hours north to South Dakota to hunt with Tom Trask of Dakota Trophy Adventures. The weather was pretty warm when we got there, and we passed up a really nice old 5×6 whitetail with […]

Tim Herald: Hunting Trip to England-part 2

November 1, 2011 by  
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Part 2: England …the problem was that the camera couldn’t see any of it because he was at a low angle and one small rise had completely blocked his view. So, from anywhere else we used a high seat, we had a second brought in for the cameraman. What a shame we didn’t get that […]

Tim Herald: Hunting Trip to England

OCTOBER 20011 English Red Stag and Muntjac I have always wanted to go to England and see the hunting tradition there, and being a history major, I also wanted to see some of the neat sites through the countryside. Kiri at Athina Hunting Tours invited me over to do a free-range red stag hunt. And […]

So what do you do in a slump?

October 19, 2011 by  
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Tim’s latest report, 2011 has been a tough season so far… OK guys…I don’t want to sound like a whiner, but I am in a serious hunting slump. I have been there before and I am sure I will be there again, but it still stinks. Send us some comments about what you do when […]

2010 A Hunting Year in Retrospect

I took my boys on our last hunt of the season yesterday afternoon, and as we sat in our blind and watched it snow for 5 hours, I thought back over the past year’s hunts and looked forward to 2011. Highlights were many for me…I started in January with a B&C caliber Coue’s deer. That […]

Kansas Rifle Season with Tim Herald, Part 2

Tim is hunting rural, western Kansas and doesn’t have an Internet connection. No surprise there, he’s emailing me reports from his cell. Sounds like they are seeing a lot of great bucks and having fun. Tim is filming and looking for the right buck. Unfortunately many that he’s seen are broken up from fighting. Here’s […]

Kansas Rifle Season with Tim Herald

December 1, 2010 by  
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Tim is out in western Kansas for the rifle season which opened today. Sounds like he’s got some excellent country to hunt so its probably just a matter of time. Based on my archery hunt in east central Kansas the first week of November I’m actually not surprised to hear Tim’s report that the rut […]

Another Report from Nebraska – from The Zone…

I am still snakebit and only have 3 sits left in NE. This morning about 10 minutes after  daylight, I had a big mature buck headed my way. We had 8 does feeding in front of us, and he was coming to check them when all the does spooked and the field cleared. GREAT…5 minutes […]

NE Report from The Zone…

On my 3rd morning in NE, I watched a lot of bucks and a huge bodied 8 pointer (with broken brow) chased does, grunted, ran small bucks, etc. for the first 1.5 hours of the morning and then disappeared into a thicket. We knew the deer as James Brion (owner of Gobble N Grunt Outfitters) […]

Report From Nebraska…from The Zone

I arrived in north NE at Gobble N Grunt Outfitters. It was the 3rd day of rifle season, and by this morning, all the guys who were on the first hunt had tagged their bucks. James’ son Grant also killed a great 145″ 4×4 that weighed around 300 lbs. I hunted last night and saw […]

AZ Monster Mule Deer…for The Zone

Last fall, Mark Young , of Adam Clements Safari Trackers, told me about a really unique mule deer hunt that he had sent some guys on in the desert of Arizona. The kicker was that an hour west of Phoenix there is a huge amount of agriculture that is being irrigated including alfalfa, sorghum, barley, […]

Moose Hunting in British Columbia for THE ZONE, Part 3

October 10, 2010 by  
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Here’s the latest hunting report from Tim on his BC moose hunt. Day 4 Was finally sunny most of the day. We rode in and helped load up Larry’s bull that ended up at 55″, and then we hunted. I spotted a bedded bull in the timber, we stalked him, and passed as he was […]

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