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Zimbabwe Hunting Report Part 1

October 3, 2013 by  
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I traveled back again to Zimbabwe to hunt elephant with SSG Safaris. I did this hunt unsuccessfully in February of 2012 due to very late rains and crazy hot temps. I knew it would be dry this late in the year, but I didn’t realize it would be over 100 degrees most days. This is […]

Mozambique Safari 2013 by Tim Herald

After our great family trip to SA with Infinito, I hopped over to Mozambique to again hunt with Kambako Safaris in Niassa. I was to hunt lion, buff and PG. On this trip, I also had Greg Schubert and Frazier Jones with me. This is Frazier’s first trip to Africa. I am going to attempt […]

Tim Herald: Hunting Trip to England

OCTOBER 20011 English Red Stag and Muntjac I have always wanted to go to England and see the hunting tradition there, and being a history major, I also wanted to see some of the neat sites through the countryside. Kiri at Athina Hunting Tours invited me over to do a free-range red stag hunt. And […]

Tim’s First Hunt Report from Africa

August 14, 2011 by  
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Day 1: (arrival) We made it to Kambako’s camp this afternoon on a Navajo, and though we did have some airline trouble off and on, we arrived with all of our bags. The stay at African Sky was just wonderful, and upon shooting the rifles, they all seem to be spot on. There are a […]