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October in Montana by Tim Herald

Whenever I get the chance, I love to go out West and hunt whitetails in October. To me, October is a tough time to kill a good buck in the Midwest or my home state of Kentucky, and whitetails in Wyoming and Montana are completely food driven, no matter what time of year you hunt […]

Mozambique Safari 2013 by Tim Herald

After our great family trip to SA with Infinito, I hopped over to Mozambique to again hunt with Kambako Safaris in Niassa. I was to hunt lion, buff and PG. On this trip, I also had Greg Schubert and Frazier Jones with me. This is Frazier’s first trip to Africa. I am going to attempt […]

Iowa Gun Season-Day 2 with Tim Herald

Day 2 in Iowa… Well morning of day 2 couldn’t have been much worse weather wise. It was 50 degrees before daylight and a super heavy fog. We setup on the side of a big pond that deer usually skirt on the other side to go to their bedding area but after about 40 minutes, […]

Alaska Moose Hunt Part 2 by Tim Herald

September 26, 2012 by  
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The Rest of the Moose Story… As I said before…two of my other guys in camp also killed great moose on day 1. Pete Lombardi killed a great 66 inch bull, and Dean Slaney took a ridiculous 76″ monster. These are just both unbelievable trophies. The 76incher looks photoshopped, but believe me, it is not! […]

2012 Hunt Plans by Tim Herald

As many of you know, Tim Herald hunts and films worldwide for several top notch TV shows. We are fortunate to be able to follow his adventures here at Looks like 2012 should be another exciting year for Tim! Well because of tag draws (or lack thereof), my schedule is less planned at this […]

Whitetail Properties Team, First Bucks of 2011

October 10, 2011 by  
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The Team at Whitetail Properties has been busy. Look at these big Kansas bucks taken during the early muzzleloader season! We have a detailed hunting report on each giant buck. Check ’em out! Pete Alfano harvested this 215″ monster whitetail in Comanche County Kansas with his T/C Pro Hunter. Pete says “I’ve known about this […]