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Zimbabwe Hunting Report Part 1

October 3, 2013 by  
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I traveled back again to Zimbabwe to hunt elephant with SSG Safaris. I did this hunt unsuccessfully in February of 2012 due to very late rains and crazy hot temps. I knew it would be dry this late in the year, but I didn’t realize it would be over 100 degrees most days. This is […]

Mozambique Hunt Report-Tim Herald

It is only lunch on day 2 of my hunt with Kambako Safaris, and it has already been incredibly exciting. I got lucky, and we tracked up a big bull Roosevelt sable that PH Stu Taylor and I hunted for more than a week last year. I took him about an hour before dark, the […]

Tim Herald: Hunting Trip to England

OCTOBER 20011 English Red Stag and Muntjac I have always wanted to go to England and see the hunting tradition there, and being a history major, I also wanted to see some of the neat sites through the countryside. Kiri at Athina Hunting Tours invited me over to do a free-range red stag hunt. And […]

Tim’s 2011 Safari

August 10, 2011 by  
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The day is finally here! I leave for the Niassa Reserve in northern Mozambique today to hunt with Kambako Safaris, and this should be a hunt of a lifetime. I have put in a lot of preparation and research for this hunt. I have 3 friends going with me, and I know we will have […]