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Bryan and Martin Put Down Big Bucks in Kansas and Ohio

December 13, 2010 by  
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Here are a couple more happy American Hunters! These guys harvested their bucks during gun season in their home states of Kansas and Ohio. Sounds like Bryan had some experience with this same big buck earlier in bow season. Looks like he closed the deal in round 2 of his hunting season. Congrats to both […]

Final Kansas report…from The Zone

Finally back from western Kansas hunting with Back Rhoads Outfitters ( Let me say that I have never ever seen so many big deer on a hunt in my life. The number of 150-170’s bucks was just unreal. I didn’t hunt a day and not see at least one buck of this size, and many […]

Kansas Rifle Season with Tim Herald, Part 2

Tim is hunting rural, western Kansas and doesn’t have an Internet connection. No surprise there, he’s emailing me reports from his cell. Sounds like they are seeing a lot of great bucks and having fun. Tim is filming and looking for the right buck. Unfortunately many that he’s seen are broken up from fighting. Here’s […]

Kansas Rifle Season with Tim Herald

December 1, 2010 by  
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Tim is out in western Kansas for the rifle season which opened today. Sounds like he’s got some excellent country to hunt so its probably just a matter of time. Based on my archery hunt in east central Kansas the first week of November I’m actually not surprised to hear Tim’s report that the rut […]