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Don’t Give Up: Late Season Hunting Can Pay Off If You Are Persistent by Tim Herald

For many, including myself, it is hard to get motivated to hunt whitetails in the late season, especially if you are in a state that offers archery after the main rifle or muzzleloader seasons. The deer have usually really been pressured, and unless you have cold temps, they move mainly at night. Plus, let’s be […]

October Fun and Management

As I reported both my kids got pretty lucky and killed good bucks the first week of October with their crossbows. Well that let them out on hunting bucks with guns during KY’s youth season. They love to hunt, and in many places in KY, doe harvest is unlimited, so we went out for a […]

Late Season Begins…Tim Herald

Late Season Begins I always consider the week after Thanksgiving the official start to late season deer hunting. The past week in my part of the world was terrible weather wise (rain and 65 most days), but I did get to take my kids out a bit. Drew went with me the morning after Thanksgiving […]

2010 A Hunting Year in Retrospect

I took my boys on our last hunt of the season yesterday afternoon, and as we sat in our blind and watched it snow for 5 hours, I thought back over the past year’s hunts and looked forward to 2011. Highlights were many for me…I started in January with a B&C caliber Coue’s deer. That […]

Christmas Gift…

I reported a week or so that I was a little burned out on deer hunting. That was definitely true. One of my sons has just had a terrible time killing a turkey. We have tried for 4 years, and something always goes wrong. His twin brother has had pretty good luck with turkeys, so […]

The right time of year…

Now JT and his Monster OH buck have proved me wrong from the start here, but generally late Sept and early Oct. can be tough times to kill deer. Many times they stay in the woods eating oaks, are hard to pattern, etc. I find that this is a great time to practice management. Today […]

2010 ATA Show – My Favorite New Product

  OK…here is my favorite new product I found at ATA in Columbus – The Carbon Express Covert XB-3.5 Crossbow. Some of you may remember that my 9 year old son Drew killed a really nice buck this year with a crossbow. It was an older, recurve that was about 30+ inches across the front. […]