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Starting a New TV Show – THE ZONE

August 3, 2009 by  
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After about 10 years of trying to find a way to work together, my good friend James Brion and I will begin filming a new TV show this fall titled THE ZONE. The Zone is that place where you get in an animal’s comfort zone, or he gets in your uncomfortable zone; archery close on a big buck, a gobbler coming in to 25 yards, a bull elk bugling so close it feels like he will blow your hat off. It is wherever, whenever, however, your pulse quickens, your breathing becomes shallow, and your adrenaline infiltrates your blood stream. The Zone is the point of the hunt that will all live for; the excitement.


We have hunts scheduled this fall for elk, mule deer, pronghorn, moose, brown bear, and a whole lot of big whitetails in places like Alberta, Nebraska, Montana, Saskatchewan, Illinois, Kentucky, Texas and Iowa. We also filmed some incredible turkey hunts in Florida and Nebraska this past spring for our pilot show. We will include a couple of turkey hunts each year, but the main focus is on big game.

James is a longtime outfitter and owns the famous Gobble N Grunt Outfitters in northern Nebraska. His deer hunts are top shelf, and his turkey hunts are arguably the very best in the world. I would cast my vote in that direction. James has hunted and filmed all over the world, from the continental US, to all reaches of Canada, New Zealand, Tanzania, Russia, etc. In short, he has been there; done that as a guide and outfitter, behind the trigger, behind the camera, and in front of the camera. James is also the president of Magnum Global Media the production company that will produce The Zone. Magnum also produces the award winning Nosler’s Magnum TV.  NMTV airs on The Sportsman’s Channel currently, and that is where The Zone will debut in 3rd quarter of 2010. Both shows will be part of the Wednesday Night Big Game Block.

We are also proud to announce that Bad Boy Buggies has signed on to be our presenting sponsor, so the show’s official title will be Bad Boy Buggies Presents…THE ZONE.  Bad Boy has a great history with outdoor TV, and we are thrilled to have such a quality company take the reins and title sponsor the show.

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One thing I would like to see happen with The Zone is viewer input and feedback. In the credits of each show, I plan to have my e-mail address up, and I hope viewers will send me their likes, dislikes, what they would prefer to see on the show, etc. We want happy and regular viewers, and having feedback makes it much easier on us when trying to please our viewers.

I know The Zone being on the air is nearly a year away, but we begin our end of the work the first of September. James, our talented crew of videographers, editors, producers and I are excited to get things going, and we are really looking forward to the coming hunting season. Hopefully we will bump into a few of you around the country this fall while we are trying to make the best hunting TV show we can.


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