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Spider Bull – Utah Elk

September 30, 2008 by  
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This big bull, a free ranging bull, has stirred quite an interest since hitting the net.

The debate ranges from this was a farm elk that got loose to it’s some sort of hybrid elk that many would like to see some type of DNA testing done if it is taken.

Regardless, of hype and debate, it is an incredible Non-Typical elk!

Since the archery season started in mid-August no one seems to have seen this impressive bull – but keep an eye out – I’m sure if Spider Bull is taken it will certainly make the headlines.


3 Responses to “Spider Bull – Utah Elk”

  1. Dodgemna says:
    Down the page you will see that the spider bull has been killed!
    Undoubtedly, many of you know about the great Utah “Spider Bull” so many hunters were following this season. Well, the hunt has officially come to an end. The bull was taken by Denny Austad, a long-time supporter of Barnes Bullets and our great friend.
    On the morning of Tuesday, September 30th, Doyle Moss and Team Mossback put Denny in the right place at the right time to take this magnificent trophy. He was shooting a .300 Austad II, a cartridge of his own design, loaded with 168-grain Tipped TSX’s. A quartering shot with the bullet placed slightly forward of the shoulder at just under 200 yards penetrated the length of the body, destroying both lungs and liver, anchoring the bull immediately.
    Many members of the Barnes crew were fortunate enough to put our hands on the awesome rack – approximately 500 inches of horn! Official B&C scoring will take place in 60 days. This couldn’t have happened to a more grateful, humble, down-to-earth guy who counts his many blessings daily. Congratulations, Denny! Keep enjoying the ride.

  2. Matt bales says:

    surely a great bull. congrats to the man. def. not judge any body all fair chase by the folks at mossback. but knowing some of the fellows at moccasin joes the whole idea behind steroids that have come into play and .. the juiced bulls is going to bring some doubt and speculation. Like that supposed selway bull. going to have a lot of people doubting. but the hunter knows how and when it was harvested. good for him but dna testing should be done to shut peoples mouth for sure. this goes along with the fortified feeds for white tail.. and the new purina mule deer chow.. getting a bit rediculous.
    Matt Bales
    Oregon State Chair
    Mule Deer Foundation

  3. RMEF Photo Coordinator says:

    Looking for live shots of spider bull to run with our article in BUGLE magazine. Please contact me at with any information.

    Thank you.

    Randi Mysse Ristau

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