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Son Scores on Nice KY Buck with Crossbow!!!

October 17, 2009 by  
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My twin boys’ birthday is Oct 17…On the 16th, I took my son Drew out to a local farm the Steve Hartley Outdoors ( ) operates on to try his hand at crossbow hunting for whitetail. Steve had been seeing some quality bucks there. We hunted from a ground blind at the edge of a field, and the action started pretty fast. We had a spike and a button buck come in close, and Drew practiced sighting in on the small buck. Later, another spike and doe came in.

It was about 42 degrees and drizzling. A half hour before dark, I saw a big bodied deer step out of the woods at 120 yards. I glassed him, and could tell he was a shooter, so I told Drew to get ready. The buck made a scrape and worked a licking branch, and then he headed our way.

When he saw the spike in front of us, he bristled up and came in stiff legged trying to intimidate the youngster. At 50 yards, Drew said, “Dad, he’s HUGE!” I told him to wait on the perfect broadside shot, and I ranged the deer a minute later at 26 yards. Finally he turned just right, and I told Drew he could shoot.

WHAAACKKKKK…the broadhead hit home, and the deer dashed out into the field, tail down. After about 100 yards, he flipped backwards and was out for the count. No tracking, and we were all hugs and hight fives!!!Drew's Buck I

Drew & Dad II red.

Taking a good buck at archery range is always great, but to see your young son take a buck like that so close was the thrill of a lifetime. Drew is up and still on cloud 9 this morning. I never knew what I thought about crossbows, but for kids, it is a great teaching tool until they can really shoot a bow.

Off to Sask. tomorrow to try for a big buck for myself. Hunt Hard…Tim H.


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