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Sept 1 is the kickoff of fall hunting in many locales

September 11, 2009 by  
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Tomorrow is a special day. September 1st is a traditional opening day in a lot of places for some kind of hunting, and it is simply a ritual that ushers in the coming fall.

Across the South, many states begin dove season on September 1. This is surely a time honored tradition that is as much about getting into the field with good friends as it is about shooting speeding gray rockets. Whether it is breakfast and a morning shoot in Tennessee, or an afternoon shoot and old fashion barbeque in Kentucky, dove hunting is a special activity. I can’t wait to go hang out with some good friends and miss more than I hit with the ol’ scattergun.

In other places such as Wyoming, North Dakota, etc., whitetail archery season begins on Sept 1. In my opionion, the first three days of season, in states that open this early, are the best time to target and kill a mature buck with your bow. I am sure we will begin seeing some great deer harvest photos showing up this week, many will be in velvet.

Luckily, much of the country has experienced below average temperatures in August and the forecast (at least in my area) isn’t for blazing temps this week. Here in KY the week holds temps in the 50’s in the mornings and 70’s in the afternoons. That is about perfect in my book. I can remember many a dove hunt where we baked in 90+ degree temps and dogs were always on the verge of heat stroke.

Wherever you are, if you have the chance to get into the field on Sept. 1, get out there. It is a special day and should be savored.

Hunt Hard…Tim H.

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