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ScenTote – Ultimate Scent Free Storage

February 28, 2010 by  
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Today’s product is ScenTote’s Hard Tote made out of Michigan. I am going to wrap the Preview and Review into one as I have personally used this item for the past five years.

Product Description:

ScenTote’s Hard Tote is a strong plastic storage container that is built to keep your hunting clothes and equipment scent free. The unit is approximately 30” long, 16” wide and 16” deep. The Tote has a rubber seal on the lid and a carbon pad known as the Carbon-Web Adsorber.

Thoughts and Comments:

This container is constructed to be ultra strong and can handle a 250 pound man standing on top of it without any issues. There are no plastic smells associated with this unit, as there are with some of the less expensive plastic containers you can buy at places like home improvement stores. The rubber seal works great from keeping any air from exchanging with the outside environment. The latches are strong and I have not had a failure in the five years I have used my Totes. The Carbon-Web Adsorber pad that straps to the inside of the lid constantly allowing carbon molecules to drop onto your clothing to adsorb any orders that were not taken care of during washings or after field use. The pads are replaceable and should be replaced every other season making your ScenTote Hard Tote working like new again. Also, there are holes built into the corners so that you can padlock the lids for travel and safety.


  • Super Strong.
  • Great latch system.
  • Rubber seal.
  • Carbon-Web Adsorber pad.
  • No plastic smell.
  • Stacks and stores well.
  • Long lasting.
  • Padlock holes.


  • Hard Tote is a little small for heavy winter clothing.
  • At a suggested $59.99 it is a little above average for a scent free container, but as always you get what you pay for and they will last you a lifetime in the field.


9 out of 10!!

Contact Info:

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