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S.A.B.O Bow Sight – Great New Design

June 18, 2010 by  
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 Today’s product is the S.A.B.O. Bow Sight made by Tactical Archery Systems.

 Product Description:

 The SABO sight was inspired by US military technology for rapid target and aiming point acquisition. It is a Superimposed Ambient Ballistic Optic designed specifically for archery. The superimposed dots are generated by ambient light gathered through fiber optics. No electronics are required which makes it 50-state and Pope & Young legal. The sight comes in a single dot and a three dot model. Today’s model that I am reviewing is the three dot model.

 Thoughts and Comments:

First impression….it definitely looks different. After I got through the first impression I was quite surprised by this sight.

I am one of those right handed shooters that are left eye dominant and just refuse to switch. Furthermore, I do not have 20/20 vision in my right eye. This has made it difficult through the years to shoot a peep and pin set-up due to the fact I have to close my left eye or it will take over. My final cure for this was to shoot a red dot scope so that I did not pick up the dot with my left eye, and then I could shoot with both eyes open.

Along comes the SABO sight. After setting it up per the instructions I now am shooting the tightest groups I have ever shot. All this without a peep and no batteries required. Also, now I have three dots for yardage. Furthermore it has a built in system to help with hand torque.

I took this sight outside under all lighting conditions and the dots were easily seen at all times. I found that I acquired the target in my sight instantly with both eyes open. Shot after shot this sight put my arrows right on the money. I think this may be one of the best bow sight designs to come along in years.


Strong and well built design

  • No peep required.
  • No pins.
  • Multiple dot set-up.
  • No batteries or electronics required.
  • System to help hand torque.
  • Zero parallax.
  • Light attachment for ground blind hunting.
  • Legal in all 50 States.
  • Pope & Young legal.


  •  Non-traditional design for some people.
  • Slightly different set-up than most sights, but is fairly east if you follow the directions.


 This sight has truly impressed me so far. I would give this sight a solid 10, but I need to see how it holds up through out the hunting season. So for now it comes in at a rating of 8.75.

 Contact Info:

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3 Responses to “S.A.B.O Bow Sight – Great New Design”

  1. Steve Kogler says:

    After quiet alot of troubles I got my SABO sight 3 dot here in europe. I´ve mount it on a PSE X-force sightened it on 20, 30 40 meters and had approx 25 arrows (one 7 on 40m the others all 8-10´s after sightning) shot at the range before going to the field. With my U-caller I went on red fox and I got one at 28 m and one at 36 m plain kill shot. That sight is great! Deer and hog next, I´ll sent news.



  2. pete monti says:

    this sight is so difficult to set up that a state champion and shop bow mechanic could not get it on target after 2 hours. the next day to real good shooter’s spent over one hour at the range and could not get on target.people with a mechanical level of 8 on a 10 scale might have a chance,i really doubt it.

  3. john says:

    took me 10 minutes and i was sighted in.

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