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Rich’s Iowa Bruiser

November 27, 2012 by  
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Tall Brows was a 5.5 year old buck that I named when he was a 3.5 year old because he had really long brow tines.  I passed him numerous times that year. He was around 140″ as a 3.5 year old 8 point and it was obvious he had lots of potential.  As a 4.5 year old he really grew and was in the high 150’s as an 8 point.  I passed him at least 10 times last year because I wanted him to be 5.5 years old before hunting him.

In past years he lived on the outskirts of my farm but this year, he moved right into the middle of it but I needed an east wind to hunt him.  On November 2, the wind finally shifted  out of the east and we hung a new set where I thought I’d get a crack at him or some other mature bucks in that area.  We saw him 3 times the first afternoon and twice the morning of the 3rd.  He was constantly cruising looking for that first doe to come into heat.  The second time I saw him on the 3rd, the conditions were perfect for calling and I grunted him in from 300 yards away.  He came right in and presented me with an easy 20 yard shot.  The Rocket Steelhead blew right through him and he only made it about 100 yards before piling up.

It was a real blessing killing a buck I had so much history with, had passed so many times, had shed antlers from, and had so many Reconyx pics of.   That is what land ownership is about!
Rich Baugh

Agent, Land Specialist with Whitetail Properties


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