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Richard’s Monster Saskatchewan Buck

October 4, 2011 by  
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Hello Everyone,

Well once again I was blessed last night with the biggest buck of my life! He is a dandy and was I ever fortunate to get him. I had found him in July and he moved twice on me. He came out into an alfalfa field about 7 p.m. and just seconds before he came out I was busted by an old doe that blew a million times, I was watching her when all of a sudden she looked away and started staring into the woods. I looked over to where she was staring and he was standing just inside the woods staring back at her. I knew he was a shooter and went in to auto-pilot so the rest of the story takes longer to tell than it took to occur. He was about two hundred yards away and my muzzleloader is more than capable of making the shot. I had already used my range finder on some big hay bales when I first got there so I was sure of the distance. I shot and he bolted straight out into the alfalfa and never acted like he was hit! The strength and will to live of these animals never stops amazing me. He ran well over two hundred yards before disappearing behind a hill. I could not believe what I was seeing as I knew I could hit him at the range he was. Finally, I stood up and started looking with my binoculars and I could just barely see the tips of his antlers behind the hill and he started to sway and then went down. I was overwhelmed and sat back down to regroup. He scored 186 2/8ths inches gross and weighed 315 pounds on my scale. The shot placement was perfect.

Life is good and I am very happy!

Richard Bailey, Owner
Turtle River Whitetails


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