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Rich and Jason from Whitetail Properties Score Big!

November 30, 2011 by  
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Rich Baugh shot a tremendous 203″ Iowa monster buck on November 19, 2011 with his Bear Anarchy bow. Jason Cleveland shot his Missouri booner with a rifle after pursuing him for a couple of years. Here are their incredible multi-year hunting stories. These guys both work for Whitetail Properties and truly practice what they preach, both managing their farms for mature bucks, the rewards are obvious!

The story of Bud started when he was a 2 year old.  I was checking trail cam pics one day and got a picture of an awesome young buck.  I said “Oh Buddy!” when I saw the picture and immediately named him Bud.  I could tell he was a genetically superior buck and vowed not to hunt him until he was 5 years old.  It was amazing watching him grow and passing him for 3 more years.  He was in the low 160’s as a 3 year old and mid 180’s as a 4 year old.   I put a camera out late this spring and throughout the summer over some Whitetail Institute 30-06 mineral in his core area and got hundreds of trail cam pics of him as he developed his rack. In 2011, he exploded into a world class buck and I couldn’t wait for bow season to arrive.

My cameraman, Dan Johnson, arrived on October 28th.  We started hunting the next day and saw Bud the first 2 times on stand.   We quit seeing him around Nov 1st and I later realized that he had moved to a different part of the farm.  Evidently, he rutted and bred does in a totally different area than he normally lived.  This area was a very difficult spot to access and hunt without busting the deer so I patiently kept hunting his core area waiting for him to return.   I hunted for 19 days straight without seeing him.  This was one of the most frustrating times I can ever remember from a hunting standpoint.  I was physically and mentally exhausted from chasing him for so long without seeing him.

Finally on the morning of November 19th, I saw him back in his core area for the first time.  He basically ran by two of my stands that were about 300 yards from the stand I was in.  It was obvious that he was still frantically searching for does, but he never came out of that block of timber that morning so I knew he had bedded in there.  I got down out of that stand and moved over into a Banks blind he had passed by earlier.  I figured when he got up, he might follow the does out of the timber into the food plots.  The Banks blind was in between 2 food plots so the deer regularly walk by it.  I saw lots of does and smaller bucks early that afternoon and at around 3:50 I saw a big buck crossing out of the timber directly under the stand I had been in that morning.  He was 300 yards away and was running across the field into the timber to look for does.  Just as he was about to enter the timber, I dropped one of the windows in the Banks Blind and grunted loudly.  He immediately stopped and stared right at me.  I grunted once more very softly and he immediately started heading my way.  I opened 2 windows in the blind and got ready.  He steadily walked the entire way grunting every few seconds.  When he was 25 yards away, he had to walk around a point of timber to check the other food plot and when he did, I stopped him and made the shot.  The hit was a little low and back, but there was good blood on the arrow and the start of a good blood trail.  I elected to wait until morning to look for him.  I just didn’t want to take a chance of jumping him if he wasn’t dead.  After a long sleepless night, my wife Jacqueline and my son, Parker came with me to look for him.  Praise the Lord, the Rocket Steelhead XL left an awesome blood trail and he had only gone about 75 yards before we found him.  What a feeling it was to finally harvest this buck that I had so much history with!


Jason Cleveland shot this 184″ stud of a buck in Pike county Missouri on November 17, 2011 with his 270 Savage, topped with with a Zeiss scope.

The “Dink” is his name I have lots of pictures of him from two years and Joe Ogden has footage of him from last year. I hunted him for two years.  I have hundreds of pictures of him.  I’ve managed this 435-acre farm in Pike County MO for the past three years.  I use Big & J’s BB2 during the off-season to feed my deer herd and keep them on my farm.  I used Tink’s Power Scrape and Reconyx cameras to know where he was living during the season.

In 2010 he had a messed up side that was dinky, which is why we called him Dinky.  This year, as a five year old, he came out of the dinky side with flying colors.  He showed up on many cameras on food and Power Scrapes and I knew he was going to be my target buck.

Season finally came and I couldn’t wait to finally get after this Missouri monarch.  I had two spots that I really focused on early season, a three-acre food plot next to a pond and another one-acre food plot adjacent to some standing corn.  I saw several deer while in both spots, including an outstanding three year old I named “Ham”, but the Dink never showed himself.  I was still getting several Reconyx pictures of him in both spots, but they were all shortly after dark.

After an extensive game of cat and mouse I was mentally and physically exhausted with hunting this particular buck.  On the morning of November 17th, we had a southwest wind and the temperatures were finally getting into the lower 40s after several warm days.  I had a double set deep in the timber that I had only hunted twice in two years, so I decided today was the day to give it a shot.  We got in undetected and in no time we were covered up with several doe.  As the morning progressed we saw a young eight point and another half rack buck.  Finally at 10AM I decided to rattle, I started my rattling sequence and in no time a young buck ran right in to the base of the tree and busted us.  I was so disappointed by this…as the young buck ran off I saw another buck far off in the timber at 150 yards…it was the Dink!  Finally I got to lay eyes on this giant.  He ran off with the young buck and my heart just sank, I thought my chance was gone.

After another two hours of no movement I decided to rattle again, this time a doe came in to about 80 yards thru thick brush…and not far behind her was the Dink!  He came right in on her tracks and surveyed the area to find the fighting bucks.  I raised my .270 and found a steady rest and I squeezed the trigger.  He dropped right in his tracks!  This giant Pike County, Missouri buck was finally down.  My two year quest finally ended.


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